Selva - Barcelona

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Selva - Barcelona

Post by DjShaggy »

Carrer de Tamarit, 105, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Dropped into a event a friend was hosting here. Signed up for free and welcomed inside, plush decorations, kind of reminding me of 1e hulp in Amsterdam.

Very friendly at the counter, I didn’t have much of a look at the menu as I was well stocked from the cup.

The budtender overheard my friend wishing me a happy birthday and instantly pulled out a preroll as a gift, which was nice.

Drinks in a coin operated vending machine, standard key fob system for exchanging your points for canna.

There is a Dj booth which is regularly in use and they also have singers for members entertainment, which for me really makes this place stand out as a social club.

All in all Not a bad setup, would like to hear from someone regarding menu.

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Re: Selva - Barcelona

Post by RoMoney »

Been in here a good few times, weed is average enough but they have different edibles in stock and reasonably priced.

It is a great place to chill, nice layout and couches they have a Volcano and puffco peak for members to use and friendly staff as Shaggy mentioned.
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