Cafe Batavia 1920

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by Sanchez_ » Tue 23rd Apr 2019 11:12 pm

Still a good central spot with excellent canalside seat that catches the sun. With the recent exodus of the most of the familiar staff it doesn't quite have the feeling it did before, for me anyway.

The wood panelling veneer over the rear room walls and flange/I beam is ugly and takes away from the previous painted walls, it also makes it feel smaller and somewhat like a cheesy old school UK Barber shop done on a budget in the late 80's.

Panelling above the seats is now obstructing the power sockets behind so it's a less convenient place for charging up and relaxing.

Food is still good, staff friendly enough and it still holds a strong position as the most centrally situated, smoker friendly Mokum hideout with a capacity to fit the majority of the ACD crew all at the same time.

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by RvanSteensel » Thu 25th Apr 2019 04:05 pm

tried Bangers & Mash last visit .
i wanted something cheaper so i had a little extra change for a second order :twisted:
it kicked ass ! was just as expected .
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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by DeLekkersteNUGS16 » Thu 25th Apr 2019 06:13 pm

Lots of changes as of late, some for the worse (cough* paneling out the access to electrical outlets) That said, the new manager Robert is a sound guy, and they'd have been hard pressed to find a better replacement.

Still easily my regular watering hole, and hands down my #1 420-friendly bar in the Netherlands. Good staff that give good service and aren't pushy with drinks like at a certain other place. Also better music selection...

(side tangent: I'll still never forgive that staff member I heard from downstairs one morning at HSB exclaim loudly "ugh this music is shit" referring to the 2pac tunes blaring from the PA. I thought she just didn't like hiphop, then she proceeds to switch tracks/artists to some god-awful British rap, that immediately sent her to the seventh rung of hiphop hell in my book)

...and played mostly at a more reasonable volume than said other place. Finally it's at least a little less grimey than pretty much all Mokum competitors.

Hehe sorry Ro, HSB still handily nabs my silver medal of accolades in this category but yeah, living in Mokum for so long tends to make one increasingly averse the whole Wallen/Warmoestraat area, it's just so damn sleazy.

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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Post by DjShaggy » Sat 27th Apr 2019 08:02 am

Well it (Hsb) should be a drum and bass bar like it always was

Uk hip hop is pretty shit, reserved especially for the plug.

I find Batavia (upstairs) to be much more chill and I like the fact that it isn’t filled with tobacco smoke. I like that I can roll a joint and just step outside to smoke it when I’m with a group of drinkers.

If I’m looking for somewhere to smoke indoors then hsb is one of the choice spots, especially the comfortable(ish) sofas, Batavia is not comfortable.

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