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Post by Boner » Thu 23rd Jul 2009 07:59 pm

According to the menu it's €20 for 1.3

That pic makes it look real tasty, I'll keep that in mind next time I'm in town.

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Post by SaintSinner » Sun 2nd Aug 2009 02:35 am

@ katsu I would highly recommend the 10 eur deal on the crystal clear (.4 grams) and nepal ice. (.7G) Sadly the pictures I have of each aren't the worlds best (it's quite hard to take pictures of hash in a darkened hotel room when there is a naked girl asking for you to stuff some more hash in the pipe ;) For me those two deals gave me enough hash for 36 hrs with about 1/2 of each left... YMMV tho :)

glad the menu is helping some people :)

I would classify katsu's Nepal ice as about 1.5x the temple balls at greenhouse (which in turn was better than either the cheap hassen or the expensive dalia from dampkring...)

The cheap hassen is an ok hash, but if you're going to the dam to smoke good hashes, go to katsu, and the two I mentioned won't steer you wrong regardless of your tolerance.

Oh, one thing, I swear while I was in katsu someone asked for jelly hash which was not on the menu, so there's no harm in asking if you're a fan of the jelly (who isn't? :) )

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Pauli Wallnuts
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Post by Pauli Wallnuts » Mon 3rd Aug 2009 12:03 am

im definatly getting some of that shit, also gonna check out the mazar i sherif, 20e for 1.1g for that price it must be like the afghan hash from the heydays of the 1960s,ive heard so many stories from my uncles about that stuff, which was so good that from 100kilos of dried plant they only produced 500grams of kif, im getting excited just thinking about it

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Post by Kermit » Mon 3rd Aug 2009 01:07 am

^^Yeh the Maz caught my eye too^^ roll on sept 8)

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Post by Iko » Mon 3rd Aug 2009 01:34 am

I hope its soft , as long as its not dry i'm getting some on Wednesday.
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Post by firesmoka » Thu 10th Nov 2011 01:46 pm


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Post by USbongLord » Thu 10th Nov 2011 01:56 pm

real good mazar should keep you fighting to keep yer eyes open after ten minutes :shock: GREAT bedtime weed imo
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