Introductions by old Amsterdam hands

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Introductions by old Amsterdam hands

Post by SeniorHippies »

Greetings to all the users of the ACD. This is my introductory post, though I've relied on the information at the site for a number of years to find new shops and shops outside of Amsterdam. Before I found the ACD i relied on a listing from a tourist magazine written in Dutch I found abandoned at Schipol.

My wife and I are Americans living about 3 hours north of New York City. We live in a rural area with a heavy dutch influence in the past. We've been smoking weed longer than many ACD users have been alive. We went to Amsterdam for the first time in the fall 1992. The first shop we ever visited was the Easy Times on the Prinsengracht. That shop has changed a lot, and not for the better, over the years, but that Friday afternoon it was wonderful. There was Bob Marley on the stereo and some high grade smoke to break the fast of the worst summer drought I ever experienced. We were so stoned when we walked out of that shop an hour after entering. I stood in the middle of the street gaping in awe at the canal, the buildings, and the beautiful sunny weather. I really felt a connection to the city. My reverie was interrupted by a gentleman in a car giving a very polite little honk of his horn. He must have realized I was a stoned tourist as he smiled and made a nice gesture suggesting I get out of the way.

That trip we found the Bluebird. When we came back in the spring we found Abraxas in a very early stage of its development. We found Mellow Yellow, Goa, Homegrown Fantasy, Tweede Kamer, and others throughout the city. We traveled around the country and found shops in many of the places we went. The Bunkertje in Appeldoorn was a favorite, but we found pleasant shops in Arnhem, Haarlem, Utrecht (the Andersom seems to have gone downhill from our day by all reports), Groeningen, Ede, and Den Helder. At the end of the 90's we found the Kuil (420 CoffeeShop) on Oudebrugsteeg and that became our home base when we were in Amsterdam.

We've been to Amsterdam at least two dozen times ever the years. Even if we were going to Paris or Copenhagen, or Brugge we would start and end in Amsterdam. We love the country, the culture, the people, and the coffee shops. We'll be there at the end of March 2010, the tickets are already bought and the hotel reserved. We hope to see you in the shops and in the streets. Look for two old Americans with big smiles on their faces. Peace and love to all.

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Post by Bob2 »

hiya SeniorHippies welcome to the site mate
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Post by metal4mullets »

Welcome, fellow Upstater! We, my fiancé and I, hail from the Albany area so it sounds like you're fairly close to our neck of the woods ;)

While I must admit we are fairly young (I'm almost to the dreaded 30 mark) it sounds as though we share the same affinity for Amsterdam. Reading your introduction honestly made me think, "Damn...I hope we're that fortunate throughout our life's journey together!". I can only hope and dream that we have the time and resources to follow in both of your's footsteps :)

Also, it sounds as though we may possibly be in the 'dam during the same time as you both. If it works out that way it may be possible to meet up somewhere if you'd like. Not to put you directly in to the "storyteller" postion, but I'm sure we'd love to hear of your travels and adventures some time!

Again, welcome...and continue taking care of yourselves! :D
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Post by FlyByNite »

What dates will you be in Amsterdam?

I'll post you on the Whos In Town page.

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Re: Introductions by old Amsterdam hands

Post by StonedSince'67 »

SeniorHippies wrote:We've been to Amsterdam at least two dozen times ever the years ... We hope to see you in the shops and in the streets.
welcome to the forum

... and as amsterdam veterans walking in the streets, i bet that you know all about the bicycles
SeniorHippies wrote:Look for two old Americans with big smiles on their faces. Peace and love to all.
... and if you see another old american waving to you from afar, that will be me

have another great trip ...
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Post by Marco »

Welcome, and let us know when you are coming.
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Post by liquidSwords »

Welcome to the forum :-)

You mentioned many of my favourites in your introduction :-), Bluebird, Tweede Kamer, Mellow Yellow and Homegrown Fantasy, seems like you already know where all the good places in Amsterdam are :-).

Have a good trip in March
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Post by Willjay »

"High" and Hello This old hippie, from the middle of the Keystone State (PA), shared and relived alot of your post as I have been to the dam and the Netherland's 6 times in the last 12 years. The BlueBird is my first stop, and before I found this sight it was a coffee shop guide written by a guy from texas, I think, and you had the shopkeeper stamp the book, some of the shops gave a free cup of coffee.
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Post by Carlos »

welcome to the forum - seems being in my twenties makes me a nipper 'round these parts :lol:
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Post by Dimon »

Hello! & welcome.I think of myself as a hippie,and i am proud ,can you tell couple of words what,s that for your there ,hippism,seriously-very interesting to know your opinion,peace
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Post by spidergawd »

Welcome SeniorHippies :) There are a lot of us here out here guys. with a long ways to go yet. I hope to see you round the Damage some day.

Peace Spider 8)
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Post by Geezer »

I am new here too. From one old hippie to a couple of others; welkom!
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Post by Pauli Wallnuts »

Hello :) ... re=related" onclick=";return false;
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Post by Old Fart »

Just stay off my lawn...
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Post by tastywaves »

Welcome aboard SeniorHippies, enjoy.
Happy turkey day to all...
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