hash beginner!! help please

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hash beginner!! help please

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I smoke alot of weed but never really indulged in any hash. even in my 3 trips to 'dam i havent smoked any hash. i get the occasion spliff of hash in the uk when a friend has some but normally of a poor standard....

basically i intend on picking up a bit of hash during my trip late december but i was hoping for some recommendations....i tend to like the 'high' feeling rather then 'stoned' feeling...what hash would you say i should go for?

1 real newbie question i have is, with some hash do you just stretch it out and put it in the spliff rather then burning and crumbing? back in the uk im use to rocky that you have to burn a little then crumble, but after looking at a few pics of hash in travelogues it looks really soft and flexible....

I've got my mind set on picking up a gram of royal jelly when i arrive from barneys....what's your experience of this??

I suppose when it comes down to it i just want to find some hash that gives me a nice high that can rival weed......again any suggestions are welcomed....


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I believe the Royal Jelly is made from Utopia Haze so you should get more of a high than a stone from that. The Waterworks from Dampkring is suppose to have a good up high, never taken the plunge at 70e a gram so can't speak from expierience. I can tell you that the Grey Crystals from Grey Area had me bouncing off the walls for a couple hours though.
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nice, think i might have to try the crystals from GA
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If you are new to Hash, you may want to take a little Hash tour. Starting with Popeye for some Aladdin's Chocolate. Stix for Temple ball, Kashmir for Super Moroc or Leb, if they have it. Johnny in the Jordan for the lowest price Crystal in town.Then Basjo for Bas special or what ever James or Leo recommend. Willy Wortel in Harlem have a nice Hash selection as well. Enjoy
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i would get the daula ghiri from bluebird. very very tasty oily black sativa hash. has a unique flavor and very nice clear high.


another option is mexican haze ice, you will find it at rokerij and greenhouse for about 25e a g. gets you high aswell but lacks the great taste!
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