cool T shirts on ebay

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cool T shirts on ebay

Post by Puffin13 »

I found these electronically lit T shirts this morning when I was browsing around ebay. These are VERY cool! I have one similar but mine is just an animated cannabis leaf, that has several different lighting patterns. Everyone who has seen it just love it! These are even better than the one I have; especially the t-qualizer designs. :D Check em out. Pot Peace.

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Post by munkyboy2k »

Does anyone wear blatant t-shirts like these?

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Post by USbongLord » a second
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Post by metal4mullets »

Lol...a kid here at work bought one of the Pot Leaf shirts and wore it as his costume on Halloween. He had gloves with the lighted fingers, neon-light glasses, that light-up shirt, and a ton of glowsticks....he was a Raver ;)
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Post by BigRigRob »

I concur. Image
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Post by echc1 »

i'd wear it with my pot leaf pattern bowling shirt......not an offence to wear it.....yet
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