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Only relatively new but never made a thread here so thought I'd post and explain my own personal situation.

Smoked hash as a youth (too much I think) and decided to stop entirely which I did for about 15 years mostly.
Now I only smoke weed when I visit Amsterdam where I feel comfortable with it being legal and safe.

Seeing as I've been a few times now and enjoyed the experience mostly I'm now hoping to expand my knowledge and experience of good quality weed and good places in which to consume them.
Hoping that I can learn some new things here and possibly meet some like minded people at some stage as well as hopefully contributing a little to the board even if it only my opinion on a minor subject such as hotels or the meaning of life....

Well I'll leave the answer to that for now until my next trip about 2-3 hours after the first toke. :wink:

ps -edit to add my next trip is Jan 9-13 and will be looking to meet up with whoever wants to do a toke and talk etc.
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Hello :) from a fellow amsterdam only smoker
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Post by Willjay »

"High" and Hello
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Re: Hello

Post by FlyByNite »

treetop wrote:my next trip is Jan 9-13
You have been posted on the January Whos In Town page.

You can see who else may be in town during your stay.

By default I link your posting to your profile page here on ACD.

https://www.coffeeshopdirect.com/forum/profi ... le&u=33831

I can change it to a web link ( myspace, facebook, personal page )
or an email address if you want.

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Hi and welcome to the forum
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Post by liquidSwords »

Hello and Welcome

Im in Amsterdam from the 13th, seems like a few of us are there too :-)

Have a good one
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Post by metal4mullets »

Welcome 8)
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