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Stanky Danky
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Redneck fun

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Who said rednecks don't know how to have a good time?

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Post by Kingdoc »

Thats insane! it wouldnt be so funny if you were the sucker with a broken neck 8).
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Pauli Wallnuts
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Thats crazy :D ... re=related" onclick=";return false;
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Post by BigRigRob »

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"Stoners... the only thing that bakes at room temperature..."
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Post by Adamster »

:shock: shes got BALLS!

Typical americans»»»

Rednecks and the Mud they love so much!! »»»
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Post by DaveS »

Who said rednecks don't know how to have a good time?
Fuck me - that is too much to take! :shock:

I finished watching that five minutes ago and still can't get the look of shock off my face!!!

Wonder if they could set one of those up in Dam Square next 420?

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