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Post by liquidSwords »

There was 10 or us, and we all managed to get a seat :-)

I didnt get nething from here, but im sure some1 got Chesel, Grey Area was the 1st place i got this weed before and its always been top draw :-)

Still a favourite shop, even if it is a little small

Excuse me while I light my Spliff.....
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Re: greay area

Post by Marco »

In Amsterdam mid quality does not = the US version of mids.
ZBeebs wrote:
Sir Niall of Essex-sire wrote:
ZBeebs wrote: First you say you agree with the statement "all medium quality there / crappy" but then go on to say the bud is good but it's really the prices you take issue with.

Stoners are so confusing :D
Not really.

Low quality = shit buds. Medium quality = good buds. High quality = high quality buds/awesome buds.

I said the prices put me off the good buds, as good quality can be found else where for better.

Stoners, some dont read properly.
I read just fine, its your arbitrary use of bad/good/great and the expectation that I should automatically understand your personal rating system that caused the confusion. You are stating that good buds = mid quality. If someone sold me "good" buds and it was only mids, I'd be pissed!
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Post by Kacey420 »

I fucking love GA. The 2 american dudes that work there are always super cool, especially the guy who i assume is the owner(glasses). The weed is always top notch and the vibe in the store is just the way it should be.

Here is what we smoked:

Yellow cab
Golden soles
LA woman
Maui mist
Silver bubble (2g)
Sour kush

All were VERY good but the standout and recommended by the budtender was the silver bubble. This was probably my fav of the trip. Tasted like real bubblegum and stoned really nice. I'm craving it like crazy. Does anyone know if seeds are available?
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Post by jollylittlehun »

Kacey420 wrote: Does anyone know if seeds are available?
Looks like its a reserva privada strain ... &Submit=Go
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Post by Kacey420 »

jollylittlehun wrote:
Kacey420 wrote: Does anyone know if seeds are available?
Looks like its a reserva privada strain ... &Submit=Go
thanks man! I just posted a thread in the strains forum about it. I see they claim it's the same...but have different heritage. Or maybe It's just more precise.
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Post by metal4mullets »

The guy with glasses is Jon...and yes, he's crazy cool :D
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Post by True Playa »

What's the maui mist? Is that a new strain?
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Post by Insomnia »

I stopped in here in summer and bought some Sleestack (most expensive on the menu) at 15E a gram, silver bubble, Chocolope, OG kush and some Grey berry.

Whilst choosing all these buds the long haired american behind the counter was very rude. I spent a good deal of money in their buying atleast 2 grams of each of the 5 different strains, and to my suprise, when I asked for a recommendation of one of the cheaper strains I got the response "Look, I don't know, Do you want me to hold your hand through the menu, or do you want to buy some weed." Despite the fact that I already had 4 buds picked out and on the counter. I payed for them all and left, f*ck smoking in there after that kind of gratitude.

I had heard good things so i was expecting a lot from the buds, sadly I was disappointed. The Sleestack despite being the most expensive (and me shelling out for an amazing looking 5.2g bud that was covered in crystals) was the worst, barely any taste, and the high was a mild sativa, only good thing i can say about it was that it was a clear high.

The silver bubble contrary to what others have said about it in this thread was also disappointing, it had a mild taste and the high was very average, I would say a 20/80 indica/sativa Hybrid.

The Grey Berry was the cheapest of everything I bought, it had a nice taste to it, but again the high wasn't anything special and very short lasting.

The Chocolope did have a very fruity taste, and a good wake n bake type high, I bonged around 2 grams of this, and rolled a 1 gram joint to smoke whilst walking to Amnesia. However the taste and high was nothing compared to the 420 haze from 420 cafe, easily the best tasting haze I tried.

The OG kush was probably the pick of the bunch, I picked up a very tight dense 2.5g bud of this, which when grinded fluffed up very nicely. It was a moderate Indica, I ended up smoking the whole 2.5 grams with a friend back the hotel in around an hour and a half, good to get to sleep on and relax, but again not the best kush I tried in Amsterdam. Pink kush from amnesia on the other hand was the best smoke out of everything I tried on my whole trip.

I will be returning to Amsterdam on the 29th (a day left, cant wait!), but I doubt I'll be paying Grey area another visit on this trip.
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Post by codejd »

here's a couple of shots from '03...


Donkey smell.
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Post by Kacey420 »

Looks a little different these days.

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Post by Simon »

oh yes, nice christmas artwork with a window marker :D
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Post by Kingdoc »

A few deals have passed threw that door over the years :lol:.
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Post by Adamster »

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Amsterdam Grey Area

Post by Guess2814 »

Very good weed here. I went here during the time of 2008 for the Cannibus Cup and in 2009 around October. Had some grey martian, east coast sour disel, Amnesia Haze and a couple of other greens. All fresh. The amnesia haze was WoW! Kinda expensive but the quality is top of the line in amsterdam.[/b]
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Post by The Stoned Shaman »

Grey Area is a bit on the small side and you will be very lucky if you ever get a seat, however once inside it seems signs of obessive compulsive disorder kick in whilst browsing through their highly impressive menu of quality smoke.... suddenly you feel impulsed to buy as much as you can! lol :lol: :lol: :lol:... I have found it important to be strong willed and keep myself in check, and I managed to succeed last time I went by buying just 2 grams of Silver Bubble and 2 grams of Grey Haze.... both are kick ass quality, with strong highs in my opinion.

The Stoned Shaman
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