Judge airs support for legalising medical marijuana

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Judge airs support for legalising medical marijuana

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"http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-10-23/j ... na/5835326

ABC Website - By Renee Cluff - Posted about 11 hours ago

A District Court judge in Cairns says legalising marijuana for medical use would be a "good thing".

Judge Brian Harrison voiced his support for the campaign to legalise medical marijuana during the sentencing of a 53-year-old disability pensioner who had grown 20 cannabis plants in his Atherton Tablelands backyard.

Robert Stanley Smith pleaded guilty to producing a dangerous drug but said the marijuana was only for personal use, to treat chronic back pain.

The court heard he suffered a back injury while working as a farm labourer five years ago.

It heard Smith began baking cannabis in cakes, after suffering side effects from Oxycontin, the drug he had been prescribed.

Judge Harrison said legalising prescription-only marijuana "would be a great thing if people could medicate that way".

However, he warned for now it remained illegal and sentenced Smith to a year in jail with an immediate release on parole."

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