Chronicle Review Essay: The Rise of the New Synthetics

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Re: Chronicle Review Essay: The Rise of the New Synthetics

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Looks an interesting read. I wonder when it will finally dawn on people that Governments have fuelled a trade in unregulated, unlabelled and untested substances. It probably never will.

We have all hit the MDMA too hard at one point, hit the mescaline a bit too hard or decided more shrooms are a great idea when already trippin balls. Point is unless you have taken a crazy, crazy amount and your not hypersensitive to the ingredients (just as likely to happen as taking an aspirin) you will survive. That's not the case with many of the new substances.

Its not as simple as it used to be. There are a lot more drugs out there, and most the time you don't really know what your taking. With huge variations in dose between some substances its a recipe for disaster. Add in factors like the way they are sold such as plant food, bath salts etc and lack of information about the actual ingredients, lack of testing and standardisation, information about the effects/dose etc, then you have an extremely dangerous situation. The situation is the same both buying pills illegally in nightclubs or legally off the internet smartshop.

Why is it illegal? If its to stamp out the use of party drugs its failed. If anything it has made drugs easier to buy and more available. People who would never have had the balls to go meet a dealer now don't have to. You don't even need access to TOR internet to legally buy drugs online. Or is it to protect people? Again a big failure, as a relatively narrow selection of relatively safe drugs has been replaced by a massive selection of questionable substances.

We cant stop here this is bat country
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