'Room Deodorizer' - Allegro

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'Room Deodorizer' - Allegro

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Hi guys,

On my last trip to 'dam, after being ripped off buying some herbal xtc, in another shop: 'Magic Mushroom Gallery' I was advised by a very friendly shopkeeper to forget about using the tablets because they are useless and recommended a tiny little vial of liquid called 'Allegro'. He got it from under the counter and lowered his voice quite a bit when discussing it :lol: I never got round to taking it due to having a few shrooms instead and chucked it in the bin before getting a flight back to avoid any hassle (likely whatever was in it wouldn't be UK legal). Anyone have any experience with this or any similar products (i.e. under the counter at smartshops)?

I know some people will be thinking 'don't mess with branded' research chems you can't identify, or stick to the weed etc, but I have experience in using different things like this and know the risks... but I'm not willing to engage with any dodgy street dealers to get my hands on the real deal.

Btw big shout out to Magic Mushroom Gallery - guy in there was much more honest and helpful than the guy I met in Chills n Thrills.

Cheers guys

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