small truffle packages / smartshop recommendation

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small truffle packages / smartshop recommendation

Post by mowie »

hi everyone,

which smartshop in centrum would you recommend? are there smartshops who sell smaller packages? In the past I only saw and bought packages suited for 2 persons, but that's too much for me. I don't plan on having two trips this weekend and I have no refrigerator available either.

I take truffles every 1-2 years, usually I take a bit less than recommended on the packaging.
euphoric feeling, rush of thoughts, very mild hallucinations (mostly CEV), that's what I like.

also does anyone know about the prices? how much should I pay for truffles?


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Re: small truffle packages / smartshop recommendation

Post by aVeryOldLady »

I always go to the Magic Mushroom Gallery when I want to take truffles. The staff is really nice and when I went there to try truffles for the first time they were really helpful. I never had any bad experiences.
They usually only sell 10g oder 15 g packages, with 10g being for a 'normal' trip and 15g for a more intense trip. (all meant for one person).
If you type 'magic truffles menu' in Google picture search, the first menu should be it. You can get a first impression which truffle to chose there.

The only downside is that they use fancy names for most of their truffles (they are from Sirius, I think), so it sometimes is quite difficult to determine which truffles you really get.
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