Green City - Sevilla

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Green City - Sevilla

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I joined this social club the last week, i sent before an email to them and was easy to gained the membership. The membership card was 30 euro, the place is really comfortable with two sofa playstation and a pool table. Weed was cheap, the maximum price was 8€ pg for a Candy Kush but that was too the only weed with a taste(and not amazing) .Btw they had a lot of strains of good hash like Barbara bud, OG kush, SAGE , Tangerine Dream and many others, all the new strains is for 10 € pg, the best was Barbara and Tangie, the worse the Critical Cheese. They had a couple of Iceolator, Pineapple and Moby Dick not amazing but cheap(12 pg) some type of Bho for 50 € pg that i dont't tried and a couple of Spanish made Charras (Bubblegum and Mango) i tried the Mango and is not outstanding for the textures but the taste is so fuckin good. In the end really good place for hash not for weed but is comfortable and budtenders are reallly friendly.
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Re: Green City - Sevilla

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Thanks for the review. Always good to hear about clubs in Spain outside Barcelona. :thumbup:
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