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Re: ecstasy

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I'm 100% comfortable supplying ecstasy.
Can I ask you all how you feel about Jesus?

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Re: ecstasy

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dbhertz17 wrote: Thu 26th Jul 2018 08:52 pm anyone know where i can actually find some?
What's ya on about bruv? We aren't pussy farting about here, trying to do you a solid and let you know so you know, gotta get that liqueefinated stuff, maybe cook it in you own dutch oven... Just be careful what you stick you head into!
Always know where your towel is! :wtf: :lol:
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Re: ecstasy

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cant you do me a favor without sounding like total bellend tho?

jesus is obviously cool he did turn water into wine afterall!
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Re: ecstasy

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dbhertz17 wrote: Fri 27th Jul 2018 06:56 pm cant you do me a favor without sounding like total bellend tho?

Apparently not...NEXT!!!
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Re: ecstasy

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its really funny

weed grows on plants , 200euros an ounce if you want quality
mdma requires importing , synthesysing , chemical dumping , 100euros an ounce for quality xD
Relax and take notes , as I take tokes of the marihuana smoke
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