THC concentrate , oil or vape juice

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THC concentrate , oil or vape juice

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I am Brazilian and going to Amsterdam! From a brief research I noticed that THC concentrates, different from the US, are not sold on the Netherlands !

Is that true ? Anybody can help ?

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Re: THC concentrate , oil or vape juice

Post by OneHighMofo »

Hi welcome to the site, concentrates are not legal in Amsterdam. You ‘may’ find them on some menus. Mr K&Co has Rosin, Coffeeshop superskunk sells BHO but frankly I wouldn’t buy that low quality high priced crap if it were the last cannabis product on earth.

Ams is not the place to travel to if you want to sample American style hash/concentrates. Barcelona would be a better European option.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Enjoy your trip anyway there’s plenty of nice weed and imported hash to be found :)
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