Mushroom grow kits

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Mushroom grow kits

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Hi all any advice on good sites for the kits never used on before but may a few suggestions or even sites you have had experience all info would be great thanks stu

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Re: Mushroom grow kits

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Don't have any recommendations for grow kits but here's a nice 'how to' vid via youtube:

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Re: Mushroom grow kits

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super easy just pull of the lid and put them in a plastic box filled with vermiculite and water
supa gro kit
takes about 10 to 14 days
mexican , colombian and amazonian are easiest to grow imo
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Re: Mushroom grow kits , coming to the uk

Post by Brown »

HI people if anyone could help with letting me know? Ive ordered a mushroom growkit which is to be delivered to the UK, whats the chance of it getting through customs and being delivered to me. Please if anyone can help cos its been driving cazy and i cant stop thinking about it. Thank anyone so much if you can help......
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