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Post by DjShaggy »

BCD Page: Tresor Cannabis Club

Carrer de la Diputació, 305, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Only dropped in once, it was quite late on the evening and as the only people in there it felt like there was no atmosphere.

Menu didn’t excite

Surroundings very nice, well decorated nice building.

Will be back one day to reevaluate
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Re: Tresor

Post by Nuggz »

Mostly second what Shaggy said.

I was given a "password" to say to reception, and it got us in without a current-member escort and also no membership fee so that was nice.

Unfortunately it was kinda empty, and the menu was a bit pricey and underwhelming. I want to give it a second chance, as Shaggy said, cool street artwork inside, by the "London Police" (based in Amsterdam) collective, they did the logo for Cafe Belgique my Mokum regular, the logos are almost identical (Tresor & Belgique's that is) so I naturally wore my Cafe Belgique shirt there and the staff got a kick out of it, the woman signing us up was perplexed because she even mistook it for their own logo :lol:

Again, would like to give a second chance as a place to chill (more than for product that is).
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