SOCIAL SMOKER'S CLUB: Tetra Private Lounge & Garden, Denver, Colorado

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SOCIAL SMOKER'S CLUB: Tetra Private Lounge & Garden, Denver, Colorado

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Heard about this place through and article a friend shared on facebook, just out of pure chance while I was in Colorado.

Located just outside of downtown, the Tetra lounge is decidedly different from my other experience of a social consumption club - The Dab Lounge in Colorado Springs. It definitely caters more to tourists, who don't have anywhere to really smoke.

I walk in and am greeted by the receptionist. I'm already aware of the prices - 1 day membership = $20; 3 day membership = $40; 1 month = $60

The decor and furnishing here is nicer and "smarter" looking than Dab Lounge, however the overall space is smaller and the extraction system not as good, as even though it's not particularly crowded it feels very smokey. Luckily this is the US, where people are sensible, so chances are none of that smoke contains even traces of tobacco. There's several "U" shaped couches that are very plush and ideal for melting into. There's a video game console area that plays onto two opposite facing plasma screen tv's, and small "bar" area, with a lone e-nail is available.

Apparently there are some basic refreshments - bottled water, sodas, domestic canned beers, some liquors etc. That come with the entry, though "tips are appreciated" so it's a bit of a vague understanding here.

Overall impression, is that it's not as good of a deal as Dab Lounge. And frankly is quite pricey, however if you're in Denver and need a safe place to toke up, it gets the job done, and I met some cool other customers while there, who shared the nice haul of extracts they'd picked up from Apothecary Farms - they hand all live resin badders and diamond sauce that they bough on a "deal" by 5g and pay $25 (w/ tax) per gram.

Would come back if in Denver again, but I hope the pricing gets reconsidered, because it ain't cheap.

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