DISPENSARY: L'Eagle Services - Denver, Colorado

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DISPENSARY: L'Eagle Services - Denver, Colorado

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So, doing my homework online, this seemed to be a recurring mention in "best dispensaries in Denver" lists I found. The place was touted for its excellent flower. Grown all in-house, organic, with guaranteed 60 day cure, and analyzed for contaminants to a high standard ("clean green certified").

From my hotel in the heart of downtown Denver, Google maps said it would be a 30-40 minute walk, or a 20 minute scooter ride, with the scooter share app "Lime". These are basically "Razor" style scooters (so not a moped), that are fully electric powered, and max out at about 15 mph on flat ground, and engine-power alone. They work with an app, so a a quick scan to unlock, and we're off - word to the wise, don't follow my lead on this, between the quickly draining battery, the hit or miss presence of a bike/scooter lane, the bumpy sidewalks, sheets of ice and the fact that a considerable stretch of the route to the dispensary seemed to be in a rather rundown, sketchy-looking part of town.

After a few bumps and bruises, I make it lock the scooter and make a note to Uber back.

The service here is excellent. They have all their flower in jars with magnifying glass lids and an inspection lamp, you can grab and unscrew and smell, etc. at your discretion, which is something I've never seen anywhere and very handy for making an informed choice, without feeling like your hassling the bud tender. They had to categories "Top-Shelf" (a half-eighth, or 1.75 grams, for $20 including tax or an eighth, aka 3.5 grams, for $30 or $35, can't remember, with tax) and the "Exclusives" ($30 for a half-eighth or $50 for an eighth, including tax).

A half-eighth (1/16th of an Oz.) is the smallest quantity of flower they do here, and as I'm not gonna have time to smoke my cheeky purchases, I go for 1/16th's, one of "Exclusives" (Wedding Cake) and one of "top-shelf" (Lilac Diesel). The Wedding Cake is a sweet, creamy, doughy, mildly earthy and gassy smell profile. The gas and earth transfer over nicely in a pure cone, potency is there (27% THC content), mostly white ash. Lilac is a sweet floral, candied profile. Very beautiful, well-manicured and frosty bud structure. The US is big on "sliding scale" (the more you get, the cheaper the rate), so I'm sure the prices on quarters, halves and whole ounces are much more reasonable, but I didn't inquire.

For concentrates, I notice they carry "Green Dot" which seems to be from my internet research, another well-regarded extractor, so I take a whiff of a few before settling on a gram of "Doses & Mimosas" badder. Sweet, soft, creamy, mild citrus, perhaps even a hint of peach, with a gassy finish on the nose. And a sweet, every so vaguely tart, tongue coating terp profile on the exhale. Easily some of the best extract I've ever samples - $55 with sales tax.

The staff were super chill and friendly and really made my experience a great one. When I went to checkout, there were no more 1/16th's of the Wedding Cake, so the bud-tender gave me a full eighth for the price of a half-eighth, so I get it for $30 including tax. That was my first such experience in dispensary shopping, so again big props to them. Hands down best service and approach to the customer interaction/experience of any dispensary visited. Highly recommended.

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Re: DISPENSARY: L'Eagle Services - Denver, Colorado

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Great review! This is one dispensary we didn't explore in Denver.
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