Www.buy-magic-mushrooms.com review

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Re: Www.buy-magic-mushrooms.com review

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I just bought from these guys, and they’re legit.
I didn’t get a confirmation message to say it was dispatched, and they didn’t initially respond to my message/raised ticket. I obviously searched forums, and saw some not so great reviews.. HOWEVER, as I despaired, my products arrived, quicker than expected, better than expected, are growing already (2nd day), and the company wrote back (albeit a day after delivery)

Summary: They're real, they're v good. You may not get an immediate response from them, but your stuff will turn up and mine is top quality.

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Re: Www.buy-magic-mushrooms.com review

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I placed an order close to a month ago, heard nothing at all from these people. They want a strictly cash deal, wired from your bank. Got a link from PostNL with a number, tried tracking, they don't recognize the number. Deal with someone else. I think the money is gone now. Scam.
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Re: Www.buy-magic-mushrooms.com review

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Yes, this is a scam site. I did get the mushroom grow kits, but not what I ordered. I ordered 2 Moby Dicks, but they sent something completely different. They do not reply to messages. Even though I’m writing feedback, it doesn’t show up. Cheaters! Don't buy anything from this site!!
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