Legal recreational and medical dispensaries.
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Just to keep everyone up to date.

Arizona - legalized recreational - Retired seniors need their herb.

Mississippi - legalized medical - Deep south, a surprise

Montana - legalized recreational - Along with Maine on the Northern border.

New Jersey - legalized recreational - They are saying this may nudge NY into it.

South Dakota - legalized recreational and medical - A lot of happy cowboys.

Oregon - decriminalized all drugs and legalized psychedelics for medical - These folks are making drugs a medical problem.

Washington DC - decriminalized psychedelics - They already have legal weed but no sales.


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Re: Progress

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Theres the real winner!
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Re: Progress

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Oregon, you darling you, what awesome news! 😁
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Re: Progress

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Thank goodness Arizona legalized. :D I gave strong considerations about moving to another state if it didn't pass this time around. :wtf:

Now I can grow SIX plants...TWELVE, if two people reside in the same house. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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