The Bud Company, Porto de la Cruz Tenerife

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The Bud Company, Porto de la Cruz Tenerife

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Another last minute pre-xmas trip to Tenerife, but this time to the north of the island. Weedmaps showed 4 clubs in Porto de la Cruz, but the only one I could find recent trace of was the Bud Company. An email to the address on weedmaps, plus some follow-up social media interaction, and I was in, but for takeaway only - EUR20 membership fee. Weedmaps got me close to the door - the place is in the basement of a residential block that has some other businesses at ground floor. There was a very discreet buzzer, but it was clearly marked Bud Company. The guy wanted to be sure I wasn't police, but was very friendly once I got there.

There were 6 weeds, all 8-10 EUR a gram, and a couple of hashes. Also some edibles. I went for the Budda Tahoe at EUR8, which was well cured, tasty and very effective, with a small jar of their rosin-infused Nutella for EUR13 to spread on my toast at breakfast. Made for a fabulous relaxed holiday in the winter sun.

Thanks Spain for your enlightened ways and friendly people and to the Canaries for a reliable 23C in December!
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Re: The Bud Company, Porto de la Cruz Tenerife

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Merry Christmas Mr incognito, sounds like you found a gem there probably a local spot by the sounds of the prices, very good, I can't weight to get back to the canaries and check out the weed scene
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Re: The Bud Company, Porto de la Cruz Tenerife

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Nice review, Weed Maps is so handy in Spain!
Bring back Imelda Marcos!
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