Moroccan hash prices increase!?!

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Re: Moroccan hash prices increase!?!

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Does some1 knows a good hash deal in amsterdam? the cheap good hash is all gone :shock: :shock: :cry: :cry:

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Re: Moroccan hash prices increase!?!

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bertolo wrote: Sun 29th Nov 2020 01:10 pm Does some1 knows a good hash deal in amsterdam? the cheap good hash is all gone :shock: :shock: :cry: :cry:
Tweede Kamer/Coffeeshop Amsterdam have "King Hassan" on their menu again. Now it goes for 7€/g ... so a bit more expensive than before but my mate liked it pretty much on my last trip. Personaly I didn´t tried it but it smelled more like a newschool hash than a classic moroccan hash...
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Just my two cents

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Tchukykush92 wrote: Tue 27th Oct 2020 11:31 pm here in France the prices are doubled or even tripled for good hash between 500 € and 600 € for 100 grams there is a lot of hash filter x2 x3 in eggs or in plates with a lot of different variety and the prices skyrocket from 1300 € to 2000 € the 100 grams I also have the impression that Spanish coffee is taking the exclusive hash monopoly of Morocco
After reading this whole thread only you and TokeingTom seem to be on something in my humble opinion.

However, no offence intended but 1300€ for so called “filtered hash“ before Covid-19 and now 2000€ for 100g? Do I have this right? In either case: these prices are steep for France as far as I know so fingers crossed you get an honest deal one day. Too think and was told most of the moroccan hashish arriving these days in Spain, especially higher grades, seem to end up in elitist circles or at Social Clubs.

In retrospect I noticed something fishy around April/May last year regarding prices at coffeeshops(respectively in general privately)on site which culminated roughly in June/July when they totally went through the roof ; when trying
very few of the very first offers they obviously appeared to be too expensive for quality delivered.
That type of quality one could find at almost every coffeeshop in the past(pre-Covid-19) in a price range from 7-9€ respectively 6€ if one knows where
to go or 10€ per g if one doesn't care about paying a bit more ; that quality is usually very commercial and the least I want to consume qualitywise
but often just don't especially when abroad – though sometimes at the right place at the right time one can find something I'd consider 'good' from that range
but as said it is usually very average and for example I'd never would reccommend such for a total newbie when they want a proper introduction to original moroccan hasj. Would say out of ten of such samples even at coffeeshops focussed on that roughly
about three are less commercial and good by experience.

Then they suddenly asked mostly 14-18€ a g for the same lot, some shitholes unashamingly even offered that for 20€ a g(Cremers in 's-Gravenhage and The Wall in Eindhoven I'm looking at you), also a good bunch
of them now advertised that as landrace hashish from Morocco while others sticked to the usual stupid names on menus as well as not trying to mask current problematic situation ; and yet others just sell something else under the same name as usual, classic!

Back at home prices rose as well accordingly for obvious reasons and beside officiall or inofficial sources in Nederland or here my wholesalers/retailers blame(d) mostly closed borders respectively blocked routes due to Covid-19 for the increase in price.
As hinted above that
network bust is a factor as well but in general
it seems to be more complicated than this cheap excuse. When some people
claim it supposedly had such an impact on the black market for several drugs – while this market hasn't changed at all pricewise?
Not at all, not even remotedly as expected.
Business as usual when it comes to them and those imports.

For the record I can say that no coffeeshop in that country wasn't affected by this so called crisis of supply as we were able to still go regularly
to different areas as usual during pandemic situation and several lockdowns
(which to some degree were interesting to see then but of course'd prefer otherwise)so high prices for
said very commercial quality I don't want to consume at all.
So whereas of course not visiting all existing shops our beloved ones all across
the country for hashish were visited or heard from other acquintances going the same reports.
Either all shops had to increase their prices or switch
to even lower grades ; by the way it is interesting that many people involved in this import and trade bemoaned the lack of fresh supply of traditional landrace
when there was a much lesser shortage with other genetics from Morocco - evil to him who evil thinks!

Up to around October quality stayed the same as we followed devolpment closely on site as usual and very similar batches around everywhere
as well as mediocre quality.
Then new batches arrived with particular better quality in the last six months
though still overpriced but it seems until yet there is a bizarre situation
as on one hand quality now is better than said usual traditional
mid-priced quality but one would as pointed out
rarely see current quality for the mentioned original lower prices
so in conclusion the new arrivals are better than
the average stuff while not being very good either, something inbetween but at least acceptable qualitywise.
Though they cost more.

In the last six months prices went down a bit and that means it is possible to get it for 11-12 € but the quality is often better than the ones before
going for the usual price.
At least something regarding general quality.
Still good traditional gear is hard to get at the minute though not impossible,
funnily there is a sheer abundance of
moroccan hashish with foreign genetics around only being low grades or mids at best, also half of it isn't produced in Morocco but Europe or hell knows where ; this also often goes for some real quality stuff sold as moroccan hashish.

So I'm wondering what comes up next?
Would say until border situation and all that cleared up
there is an even more fierce competition than usual whilst this means selling everything remotely looking, smelling and feeling like hash
including very average as well as cheap sendings from whereever and digging up gear couldn't be sold for what ever reason in the past
so it was stored in a basement years before.
When things turn relatively normal after this pandemic – when it doesn't require extra effort to move this illegal product in Europe - prices could as well decrease as I don't think loyal customers used to pay original prices are willing to pay more.
Doubt many of them switched to current prices or even reduced their consumption
but buy something else(wiet? Other obscure hash?).

Above all it's a bit confusing all this fuss about this certain grade as on one hand in my impression most of the moroccan hashish in the last years was of that gardella type sometimes more sometimes less which as the name suggests is a mix anyway
and moroccan hasj with foreign genetics respectively whereever from so the pure landrace stuff was on the fringes one way or the other ; which is no news again.
On the other it again shows how many rip-off-merchants are involved in this wonderful trade and how often customers are fooled over and over again.

If they'd ask me I'd suggest to focus on producing good quality traditional gear every consumer deserves - no elitism please - to establish a certain good quality product from said unique landrace rather than said watered down version or other half-arsed approaches of this type of moroccan hasj so many seem to miss
but this won't probably happen as the majority of consumers worldwide seem to look for quantity over quality as cheap as possible doesn't matter if wiet or hasjiesj ; let alone from the business perspective importeurs earn
more money that way when it comes to quantity.
Morocco what appears to be in the near future is going to allow medical use of this plant and its production locally which is a good start but their intention is sadly not to handle hashish and recreational use there yet ; also to establish a brand
similar to wine producing countries.
Just saying again as on a legal market in general there would be much less of those problems consumers face now.

Hope dies last and all that. Time will tell as well.
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Re: Just my two cents

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Jesscass wrote: Thu 22nd Apr 2021 08:54 am Hope dies last and all that. Time will tell as well.
Well. It's been almost a year since that post, has the market recovered? I see they're forcing farmers in Morocco to sell to the government now, not sure how that's affecting us Europeans.

I'm visiting Dam in hopefully a few weeks time and I love hash I used to live with some Spanish lads when I was a student so we had a constant source of Moroccan goodness. Any suggestions in terms of coffeeshops and strains? I'm guessing names like Zero Zero or Primero won't be the same from shop to shop.
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