The Happy Bull

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The Happy Bull

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This place is a favourite of mine :D it has only been open a few years. If you are out the other side of Vondel Park and looking for some good tasting grub then this place is worth a look :thumbup: . The food quality is always spot on and the service from the staff always seems to be polite and professional.

I would recommend their Smoked Bacon Burger, Mr Mallard Burger and the Pulled Pork Burger all extremely very good and the Milkshakes are 'Lekker' :D

The closet coffeeshops within a 20 minute walk are Coffeeshop De Kade, DNA(both roughly 20min), De Prijs(10min) and Coffeeshop Vondel(15min). Or a tram(no 2) from Dam Square would take around 25mins.

Worth a visit if your out chilling down in the park and visiting a few of the outer coffeeshops. 8)

Chase the Green to live the Dream :mrgreen: 8) :D
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