Mantequilla hash

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Mantequilla hash

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About Mantequilla from Dampkring
Marok21 wrote: Sun 3rd Apr 2022 05:57 pm Mantequilla hash (12€/g) - Blonde import hash with a good oil content which gets darker brown and shiny pretty fast in the baggy. Smells very pleasant to my nose kind of spicy classic import hash smell :D Bubbles very strong when touched by the flame. Also the taste is very pleasant and its smooth to smoke. Effect is like described on the menu "a clear relax buzz". Very relaxing and smooth high. Kind of clear in the head while simply very relaxed and good vibrations. That's exactly what I wanted :D

Overall a "lekker" quality piece of import hash :D Maybe the effect is not as heavy as for example the Niqa but it´s relaxing and clear in the head without any headache or something combined with a pleasant import hash taste. I really enjoying that kind of high at the moment :mrgreen: but don´t get me wrong it´s still strong enough :wink:

Please post your review of Mantequilla here.

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