is amsterdam safe for older people?

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is amsterdam safe for older people?

Post by androcoffee »

someone told me that it is quite dangerous in amsterdam coz there is drugs on the streets! but i always wanted to visit.
i will bring along my parents so i need some quiet 60+ place.
advise pls

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Re: is amsterdam safe for older people?

Post by Willjay »

Yes Amsterdam is safe :D we like the coffee shops, museums, architecture, and the neighborhoods. We stay in a 4 floor walk up hotel and party like the rock stars we grew up with :lol: To be honest your parents will worry about you :mrgreen: Oh and we’re only 9 years younger than Keith Ritchards :lol: :mrgreen:
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Re: is amsterdam safe for older people?

Post by FlyByNite »

I am in to 70+ group. I have never felt unsafe or in danger in Amsterdam.

When booking a hotel you may want to look for one with a lift ( elevator ).
Those skinny steep stairs are not nice on older bodies.

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Re: is amsterdam safe for older people?

Post by dlw »

I would let my wife walk thru red light district by herself rather than let her walk to local corner shop...of course it's safe...enjoy
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Re: is amsterdam safe for older people?

Post by Not_the_monk »

Amsterdam is a very safe city for older people, aside from dodging the bikes! I organised a trip for my parents when they were in their late 60's a few years ago and they absolutely loved it.

Whoever told you there are "drugs on the streets" in that sense is talking nonsense, even the small areas that did have that vibe 20 odd years ago have well lost it nowadays.
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