Firehouse, Barcelona

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Firehouse, Barcelona

Post by zlw »

BCD Page: Fire House

Opening hours: 12pm - 12am, friday/saturday 12pm - 1am
Address: Comte Borrel, 08015 - that's the info they give your publicly so I won't give you more, but if you've been to other clubs you'll spot the doors easily :wink:


A new club. Located close to Urgell station so still in the center, but outside of Gothic and main tourist area. They're neighbours of Backyard club, it's just a 5min walk. Pizza place on the same street :mrgreen:

Great selection of weed (local grown and cali cans), hash, isolators, edibles (syrup), concentrates from flavourhunting, bhosslady and warwickshire county. Big plus - being a new club, some things are cheaper than in other places.

Sitting area is not huge but place is also not crowded so it's never been a problem. Very useful thing there - a lot of AC plugs. On every couch, you'll have few within your range. Great for plugging in your e-nail or charging your vape after a whole day of heavy use :roll:

Staff is super friendly and very helpful. Budtender was amazing and very passionate about it. You can feel true family vibe there. Pass a joint and you might receive homemade brownie in return :P On last day my e-nail broke so I asked them about directions to headshop to get myself a rig. They landed me one of their instead. Amazing people.
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Re: Firehouse, Barcelona

Post by RoMoney »

Great to see a new review, thanks for taking the time to share your experience man.

Interesting about the location, The Nectar Club is very close to there too. Barcelona can be too big when you're stoned so cool to have three clubs so close by :lol: :mrgreen:

Hope you enjoyed your trip.
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Re: Firehouse, Barcelona

Post by Basswee »

one of my new favourite spot !
Much better vibes and selection (especially for the price/quality) than Relax or the Nectar
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Re: Firehouse, Barcelona

Post by Sanchez_ »

A local (to me) IG fellow messaged me whilst I was in Backyard and advised me to try this place out as it's run by the same people apparently which was news to me? Also they don't close later now as advertised on the page but close same time as Backyard
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Re: Firehouse, Barcelona

Post by Basswee »

It depends the days of the week, Friday and Saturday they do close later than backyard and no they aren't run by the same people ;)
Anyone willing to join can message me I'll be happy to help if I can :)
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Re: Firehouse, Barcelona

Post by DjShaggy »

Had the best menu of all of the clubs I visited. I particularly like the use of tablets with the menu and prices on for members to scroll through.

Club itself is quite small but as is mentioned above I’ve not found it overcrowded just yet.

Open till 1 at the weekend so a extra hour of smoking
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Re: Firehouse, Barcelona

Post by CopenhagenCouple »

Just visited this afternoon after more than two years away due to Covid. Firehouse hasn't missed a beat, parts of the menu even seem to have grown. Purchased the following so far, to get our stash going:
Nicole Kush hash
Lemon hash
White rhino hash
(these were all 10 or under)
Jet Fuel hash (10, 12?)
Tangiebert hash (same range as JF hash)
Mandarina Cookies 120 u hash
Cherry Zkittlez (16e per g, very strong and pleasant smell, good looks, haven't sampled yet)
3 x Sour Gummy Bites (300 mg each pack with 20 fairly tasty sour gummy droos, 10e per pack :mrgreen:)
1 x Zkittlez (100 mg)

We haven't tried the Zkittlez yet (weed and edibles), but the rest was decent to kick ass, with the lemon and Tangiebert hashes being a bit meh, but the rest being either very nice for the money (Nicole, WR, JF) or down right awesome (Mandarina Cookies).

Atmosphere was typical firehouse with French hip-hop playing on the speakers and failarmy on the screens. A few more locals this time than last, but last I visited was during cosecha / aborted spannabis, so figures...

All in all, a great place :mrgreen:
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