Mr. CC's solo 420 2022

After (or during) your trip, post your report here.
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Re: Mr. CC's solo 420 2022

Post by Lemming »

These travelogues are fantastic! Do you think this might have been our most intense, full-on, 4/20 ever?

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Re: Mr. CC's solo 420 2022

Post by Kermit »

:lol: Another quality 420 trip report 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻, get the feeling through the ones I have read so far that it was an exceptional 420 🎉 . Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Mr. CC's solo 420 2022

Post by Marok21 »

Brilliant travelogue! Unfortunately, I didn't have much time and was only able to read the report now :? I also didn´t read the other travelogues yet :( but I want to do that as soon as possible :D I have a few days off now and I am already looking forward to being able to read the reports in peace :lol: :mrgreen:

Thanks a lot that you all take the time to write these great travelogues :thumbup: :clap: reading the reports brings back great memories and lets us all dream of this beautiful place :mrgreen:
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Re: Mr. CC's solo 420 2022

Post by The-Secret-Smoker »

Thank you for sharing that, I have enjoyed reading your 420 report and it really does sound like it was a brilliant 420 for everyone, hope I can make it next year and join you all.
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Re: Mr. CC's solo 420 2022

Post by DjShaggy »

You certainly paint a picture! Great read!
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