new rules or smoker frendly bars??

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new rules or smoker frendly bars??

Post by bedge »

High all,
just come across an apparent new rule in smoking bars.
A sign I saw on 24th April in the bottle says "no smoking after 1.00am".

Not sure if this is just the bottle or is a rule for the whole city?
Maybe that's a job for Stan or another local??
In conversation with Mark (bottle barman) he told me the only prerolled joints were allowed because the smoking police can't open your joints.
The flying Dutchman got in trouble because people were using tobacco on tables.
The prerolled rule is made by the bottle to get round the rule.
more bbad news.
best wishes
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Re: new rules or smoker frendly bars??

Post by Ghost »

Lets hope there are places we can use in the future for drinking and smoking @Bedge as they seem to be coming a very rare thing around town these days, massive shame about the Flying Dutchman, people should have been more discreet with their tobbaco :thumbdown:
Chase the Green to live the Dream :mrgreen: 8) :D
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Re: new rules or smoker frendly bars??

Post by Lemming »

The impression I got in April was that there's no legal change, just individual bars imposing new rules to try to avoid falling foul of the exiting laws that might otherwise threaten their licences.

As most probably already know, smoking cannabis is legal but smoking tobacco indoors is not. The problem is that some people, both locals and tourists, like to put tobacco in their joints. If people are spotted with tobacco or cigarettes inside bars or coffeeshops then the business can be accused of allowing tobacco smoking, which is illegal. In particular, cigarette boxes on tables are what they don't want to see.

I think The Bottle banned rolling so that their staff don't have to be on constant tobacco watch. By insisting on pre-rolled they can encourage people to buy ready rolled joints from the neighbouring coffeeshops rather than rolling on tables in the bar. I guess the 01:00 rule is because that's when the coffeeshops close.

The best place to find smoking bars these days is Warmoesstraat. I think there are more smoking bars along there now than there were coffeeshops in the street's heyday.
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