ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2024

After (or during) your trip, post your report here.
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2024

Post by Lemming »

Friday 19th April 2024 - The Stud

Our day starts at Coffee & Bites again. After breakfast we step out into an intense rain shower. Even the short walk to the tram stop gets us soaked. At least there's a shelter to wait for the tram.

We're going to Kadinsky 2, chosen as a place to assemble everyone because it's close to the tram to The Stud. It's on an alleyway between Damrak and Nieuwendijk.

There's Kadinsky Café, Kadinsky 2 and the smartshop Alien Visitors here on Zoutsteeg.

This Kadinsky was once known as Front Page and still trades as that. It's a tiny little place. I get some weed and a cup of coffee. The budtender points out that we could get coffee at the café over the road and consume the weed there if we wished. I decide to stay here for now to ensure people can find us, so we sit by the window.

First to arrive is Talkrum, in his cool ACD hoodie. We have a short chat and then he shoots off to get something. Then more people turn up and we move over to the bar where there's more room.

Ghost has joined us with his cool customised ACD tshirt.

Beers start flowing and there's a nice little party developing. Then a bombshell - the bar lady says we can't smoke or vape in here. WTF?!! There are kingsize rolling paper dispensers on the tables! This is bizarre.

No point in arguing so we drink up and herd everyone around to the tram stop. A number 14 soon turns up and we all stumble off onto Insulindeweg. Crossing the road, I notice that the bus at the stop here is a number 40. Looking around me, I see ACDers scattered around the road junction and quickly dismiss any thought of rounding them up and explaining that this bus could drop us right outside Stud.

The bus drives off and we follow it on foot around the corner and along Molukkenstraat to The Stud. We're still a few minutes early, having deserted Kadinsky Café, but our host Mjhowy soon appears and ushers us through to the back room.

The gang of us that came on the tram are joined by a couple more until the group in the house consists of AzLaker, Bedge, Docgonzo42, Gapie, Ghost, Igraine, Lemming, Mjhowy, Occasional Bowl, Professoref, Sammysarahh, Talkrum and Trad. Professoref is another new name to add to my list of veterans.

Various samples are distributed for us to try, including some Apples and Bananas that's not on the menu yet.


Amongst others, we also try Flamingo and Texas Shorline.


There's some hash going around too. Not only that, Mjhowy hands out goodie bags to everyone with t-shirts and lots of other Stud branded stuff. Then a nice lady appears with a plateful of lovely edibles. They're really tasty.

Ghost has brought along this brilliant ACD mascot to tour around with us. At the moment he's sat by a Volcano that's warming up ready for a session.


That's it. I'm settled in. Filling the Volcano with various strains and passing them around the room. Surely the perfect way to spend an afternoon. There are still edibles left so I munch another of those too. This could get very messy!


[Mjhowy tells us later that we killed the aircon!]

Things get very hazy as we leave The Stud and get even more so as the killer chocolates kick in.

Sammysarahh and Igraine meet outside Stud Store

Mjhowy tries to organise a group photo

Finally gets most of the cats herded

Thanks MJ and everyone at The Stud for a great afternoon.

There's a bus stop here but none of us can be bothered to work out when the next 65 to Javaplein will be so we set off on foot to the Rum Barrel, a Caribbean place recommended by Ghost.

Drinks and tapas are consumed. I'm floating above the place somewhere so it's all passing by in a dream.

Next up is supposed to be Best Friends, just around the corner. Professoref says it's buy and fly there but we go there anyway. She's right, of course, and nobody wants anything off the menu so we leave again and catch a tram into the centre.

Getting off at Dam, we make our way over to Warmoesstraat and into The Tribe. It's quite busy so we climb the stairs and take over the upper level.

ACD Frog at The Tribe

There's a weird light show going on in here. A glass wall lights up from time to time and then goes dark again. I think maybe it's stairwell to apartments above in which the light turns off automatically after a few minutes.

At least we can smoke and drink in here so we have a nice session going on.

After a couple of hours we fancy a change of scenery so we move to Bar 55. Most of the crew go straight in but AzLaker, Sammysarahh and me turn around and stride back along Warmoesstraat and onto Nes. Here we take a quick look at what used to be Nes Café, now Bar Jones. A quick peer through the door for nostalgia and then we rejoin the rest in 55.

Bar 55

That brings another wonderful day to an end. 420 Day tomorrow.
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2024

Post by HitTheNorth »

Great read, as always, Lemming. Loving the photos too.

I need to expand my selection of smoker friendly bars, especially since the demuse of Suzies smoking room, so may check out Tribe and 55 on my upcoming.

That Kadinsky thing sounds odd though
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2024

Post by Ghost »

Excellent @Lemming fantastic read :D what a day that was treated like royalty again by the people at the Stud a fabulous day, Thanks @Stud and @Mjhowy for a great afternoons session and the gifts, loved the tiny edibles they were :mrgreen: and the quality smoke that we were all lucky to sample :D :thumbup:
Chase the Green to live the Dream :mrgreen: 8) :D
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2024

Post by talkrum »

Fabulous reporting as usual. More please.
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2024

Post by Trad »

Well done Lemming, another great report.
If I don't see you no more in this world, I'll meet you on the next one.
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2024

Post by AzLaker »

Thanks again Lemming for a great read. Good times again this year. :mrgreen: Well maybe a little too much rain. :shock: :lol:

If you never do, you'll never know.
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2024

Post by jollylittlehun »

Great read Lemming. Excited to read 420 day and hopefully see some pics. I've got none from my trip.
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