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Post by scooberu »

ACD page: https://www.coffeeshopdirect.com/Bushdocter.html

Have never been but heard that they have a rather latge menu. is this the case? also does anyone know if this is run by the dude on the smokers guide

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Re: Bushdocter

Post by lctricity »

scooberu wrote:ACD page: https://www.coffeeshopdirect.com/Bushdocter.html

Have never been but heard that they have a rather latge menu. is this the case? also does anyone know if this is run by the dude on the smokers guide
This place has an insane menu that specializes in Ice-O-Lator Hash made from a variety of different strains. See menus below from April 2004. ... 92004a.jpg ... 92004b.jpg ... 92004c.jpg

The Bushdocter CS is not affilitaed with The BushDoctor that runs the quite awesome Smokers Guide website.

The Bushdocter CS's are highly rated in terms of their gear imo.
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Post by mazdog »

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Post by Boner »

Have a look here: Ictricity took some of these (If memory serves me right) ;)

Something I will add I've tried loads of stuff from Bushdoctors and I've got to admit that the Blue Ice Velvet is one of my favourites and the Reclining Buddah is one of the sweetest weeds I've ever tried!
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Tommy G
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Post by Tommy G »

Hey I love seeing all the menus. Notice Greenhouse Effect is best 4 value and I know 4 all fact the weed and hash is top notch. Definetly my first stop in Amsterdam as always :D
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Post by Rici »

Got lost one day in and stubbled up to the BushDoc with some friends. Crazy place, I think I had Blue Velvet Kush, but i might have been to stoned to remeber. ha. Anyway it was sick and the selection was very nice.
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Post by pad »

Not very friendly dealer when i come. Just have Hash wich is good.
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Post by Too High »

Their jelly hash, so strong, omg nuff said. lol :lol:
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Post by commie »

The menu isn't large per se, but the quality of the weed and the potency of the Ice-Hash is A#1. I got some "sunburst" that was basically a heap of kif shaped like a bud. The hash all bubbles.

The place is unpleasant (main one) or too small (Amstel), the dealers are skeevy and pushy, the music sucks, and they have little going for them but the quality. But I still always go.
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Post by upahill_chris »

Can't agree with past comments on staff.

Got on well with both shops and found them to be cool and friendly.
( even if the italian guys do speak a little fast sometimes )

Prefer the smaller shop.

The bubble hash is the strongest thing they have....an obvious hash and oil mix...but it sure works.
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Post by Mark_d »

loved the menu in this shop, was the first coffee shop i ever went to!

only draw back was the loud techno music that was blaring out, it sucked especially due to the speakers on our level cutting out occasioaly meaning that we would be shouting to eachother then when the music stopped everyone would hear us shouting ( though this led to some of the funniest moments of the trip)

will definalty be returning there to pick up!
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Post by cannibistourist »

the jack herar was decent not great but liked the shop and this was the first place i smoked at with an outside area i fuckin loved smoking out for the world to see!
its to damn hot out!
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bushdoctor coffeeshop on thorbeckeplein

Post by peachy »

visited in september 2006. nice dealer italian but really dodgy toilet downstairs with wickedly steep tiny stairs with scruffy toilet. anyway just stopped for quick drink and pee plus wanted to pick up some jelly hash at 30 euros a gram !!!!!!! and got 2g G13 weed for 15.50 euros. Jelly hash was nice smoke but not sure its worth 30 euros. Guess you never know these things unless you try them.
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Post by Puff the stoner dragon »

i really enjoyed by sunburts ice hash, but looking back on those menus posted above, the jelly hash has gone up 10 euros! they didn't have any though
i guess ice-olator is becoming more popular so shops can start charging more... shame
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Post by pearly »

i love this place last time i was there i was talking to the young guy behind the bar and what a nice chap he is.
i got 2 bags of blueberry after searching the whole dam for it and was the best smoke ive had in a while.
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