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Rookies Bar

Post by Lemming »

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Post by Boner »

Nope I dont like the place, down a way too touristy street for me and I actually find Rookies too touristy as well plus the weeds only fair!
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Post by Raven »

I didnt vote as I am very inbetween with this shop. I found it was very similar to the Dampkring but without the vast variety on the menu. The shop was full of tourists and had more of an english style pub to the place.
I would be tempted to go again but would be as dissapointed again if it was tending to go the tourist route.
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Post by kilgore »

First time we tried this place and, as a couple who like an occasional pint with our weed, we loved it. Decent music, nice Heineken and friendly staff. There's plenty of room to move around too, which for a big lad is another plus :D
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Post by Space Boy »

Love this place, may be full of tourists but hey I am a tourist.

Its my idea of a perfect pub, weed, beer, pool.

Though I may be a bit bias as I spent New Years here in 1998 one of the best nights of my life
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Post by Birdman »

If you like frat bars, this is the place. Big enough to be very comfortable, with a friendly attentive barstaff. They serve beer so a good place to go with those who need a beer.
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Post by toxic tim »

My wife and i visited Rookies early september 2006, and it was a cool hang out.
The owner was a really friendly guy who replaced my beer when i got stoned and knocked it over. We bought some Marrakech from the Hash menu which was a nice heavy stoning, and also some Nepal which was a clear headed hit. We had a cool time sitting on stools at the bar, and were able to chat to the staff as they were'nt too busy. I would definately go again.
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peice of home

Post by LeviInAtl »

Went to Rookies in Nov 05. Walking in felt like walking in to a bar here in Atlanta. Dont remember anything special about the gear but met some cool people and got a quick dose of home.
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Post by Babs »

I love Rookies, go there all the time when in Amsterdam. I love it, love it, love it and I am back there on 20th October so cant wait!!! Lovely, friendly staff and always a nice atmosphere. No idea what the yank is on abot on this forum?
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Post by dnaproductions »

I'm staying at the Rookies hotel at the moment, i've spent a fair bit in the coffee shop since yesterday and the Rookies own weed a californian orange bud is very nice. It gave me and the wife something to think about when we got here yesterday morning ha ha ha. We've heard rock and chart music in there not a mixture of mind numbing techno which is always good!

And the restaurant over the road they have just opened is very nice!
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Post by Hoystidd »

Just wondering how the food is at the new restaurant. We will be staying there for a few days next week.

Whats your top choice for bud at Rookies?

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Post by Bodhisattva »

My mum and dad were in Amsterdam during the change-over to dry coffeeshops and checked the new restaurant. They both loved it and thought it was the ideal response to the new laws. With decent food, cold Heineken and a canal terrace sounds like a winner. I've always enjoyed the menu and atmosphere at the 'old' rookies so will be checking the new place out in June :D
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jim and sonja
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Post by jim and sonja »

Awsome place to eat, damn good food and friendly staff, everyone should try this place, we just got back from a weeks stay at their hotel and just loved the place, we will be back :D
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Rookies Rocks!

Post by lidodude »

Coffeeshop: Rookies
Date of visit: 11/23/2006
Rating: Liked the shop!
We “accidentally” stumbled upon Rookies while looking for a place to eat. Rookies had a great American bar feel to it and it was much more spacious then most coffeeshops. It was nice place to chill and have a few Heineken drafts. We only sampled their Cannabis Cup entry, The Rookie, €9/gr. For me it was one of the top indicas entered in the cup. This seemed like a place that could become a real cool regular hang out. The service, staff, and atmosphere were first rate.
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Post by BigRobb »

A nice bar / coffeeshop decent enough produce (well it does the trick), but it had a pool table and a dart board which always makes for some games after a few smokes.

I was in there for the final night of them serving both Alcohol and Smoke. Dam (no pun) was that a party...
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