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Hunters Bar

I like Hunters
I don't like Hunters
Total votes: 192

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roy munson
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Post by roy munson »

ACD Page: Hunters Bar

Whats everyone think? Smokers Guide has a lot of reviews from here.

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Post by axeman9 »

I love Hunters Bar. ALWAYS managed to pick up some decent smoke here at good prices, the barstaff are hot too. good music. But i heard they are losing their canabis licence in March time. (i read that in one of jbombs recent reports)
I think their NYC diesel is some of the best in town. Also try the Cambodian Haze. Very nice.

Axeman9 8)
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Post by Lofrequency »

I agree, their NYC Diesel is good schmoke.
Nice friendly atmosphere unlike some of the coffeeshops in that area.
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Post by VP. »

I need to check this place out. I'm going to go next week since I'm staying on Warmoestraat. I'll probably get the NYCD unless there's something else recommended. Maybe I'll try that Cambondian Haze instead - as NYCD isn't my favorite strain. It's good weed, but I don't notice anything special about the taste or high.

How are the weed/hash prices here?
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Post by Valo »

Made my first visit here recently and was very impressed. Had a nice cold Heineken and purchased some top quality Lavender weed here. Sat for ages in a trance looking into one of the fish tanks at the side.

Have always been a big fan of the Coin coffeeshop and being they have the same owner I guessed this would be a nice place to stop, it turned out to be even better than I thought......a definate stop if you have not been before.
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Post by mtbskalover »

I didnt vote, cos ive got a mixed view,

the weed that was bought:
kushage sativa- ok and crystally
mothers finest- very dense buds and crystallly

but the shop itself was expensive and the music was too loud, im young and like my loud music at the right time. But pumping cheesey house at 11am is not good.

if your in the area good to pick up in, then fly!
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Post by smoker_moby »

I went to the dam last oct and was in hunters most nights of my trip. The weed was nice the staff were very helpful in helping me with the type of fx's that i was looking for.once i made up my mind! i brought some bubblegum which was nice big buds but not as good as the grey area stuff, but i also brought some of the cambodian haze which was out of this world really potent and nice hariy buds. Going back in april but are they really losin their permit to sell weed? Dpes this mean that we cant smoke in their at all any more?? also do agree that the music can be load sometimes!!!!!
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Post by cheese »

hunters was a pretty good..

they played trance all day long, but they had a great interent setup...
i also tried the mk ultra and mango madness. it was very nice.

also i tried the temple ball, very spicey

i like the bar setup... too bad i wont be able to enjoy a beer and a joint in this place again.

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Post by rachielass »

Good weed, nice layout, computers and freindly staff. I like it in here.
I like my people like I like my weed, full of THC.
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Post by pickapocket »

This was the first call of my trip last week. I arrived at about 8am, tried cental and didn't fancy it, too dark.

I wanted to get a gram of NYCD but they had sold out, aske the bud guy what he reccomended and he opened on of the boxes and I was sold purely on the smell. Pity it was 14E per gram!! Typical tourist sucker punch me thinks!!

It was pretty good Amnezia haze but there is far better out there. Thinking about it I got the same strain from the Greenhoue the next day for 10E per gram. If anything this had more crystals on it.

Giorls behind the bar
Music was pumping house :x

Won't be bothering when I go next week.
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Post by Matt_B »

I like Hunters, the weed is good and the fish tanks along the wall are great to lose yourself in! What is it about fish tanks when you have been smoking?! Grabbed some Lavender (E9/g) which is a nice little smoke, not too heavy, and some Amnesia Haze (E14/g), which is pretty expensive but seriously messed with my head. It really is pretty strong. Like I said, the fishtanks are great, and after the Amnesia managed to keep me occupied for nearly an hour!
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Post by Prestoned »

If you think 14EUROS is a bit much then dont go for the New Years. On New Years Night I paid................18EUROS/1 Gram

OMFG it was lovely, but ouch
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Post by alstorey »

Went in Hunters with my "dealer" mate.
Bought some Temple Ball and made him spew lol.
Next trip 16th till 20th May
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Post by FloridaPothead »

The Hunters Bar that I went to was strictly a smokers bar, but was very pleasant. I do remember (vaguely) seeing another Hunters Bar that seemed like it was selling weed a little bit away. I noticed that several bars were either trading in their cannabis license or alcohol license as of April 1 (what a mean joke for April Fools Day).
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Post by Prestoned »

If I remember correctly its just round the corner from the herb sellin one
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