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Re: Looking for shake

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ACD Page: Gruis / Shake

You can find gruis (shake) at most of the non-tourist shops. Tweede Kamer, Katsu, Crush, Solo, Het Ballonetje or Rusland.

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Re: Looking for shake

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Re: Looking for shake

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I couldn't find the old thread I was looking for (people looking for good shake to burn hash) but this should be ok?

I have a 25km cycle to and from work 5 days a week. The exercise is great and I have a good ebike but it is time consuming. Nothing helps better than a joint and a podcast :D

I only smoke gruis/shake on the bike and the Powerbag from Voyagers was great for years and I even followed those lads to Bagherra. A little tough to get at the moment.

Once Lockdown hit, the only change I seen on the Boerejongens menu was there standard indica gruis went from 6 euros a gram to five euros a gram and it was now Green Magic shake. Very kushy and well worth the 5 euro price tag.

It changed to Blue Dream shake and went back up to 6 quid a gram once things picked up again but was not as good.

I have always been a fan of their Choco Kush and they are now doing a Choco Kush shake. I picked up 5 gram of it yesterday and have been smoking it on the bike and at home, it is that good.

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