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Barney's Breakfast Bar

Post by Lemming »

Once my favourite coffeeshop but I think it's got a bit commercialised these days. What do you think?

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Post by Guest »

yeah it used to be good when there were not many stupid american tourists who think they know everything about weed.
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Post by tool175 »

Yeah us ugly Americans, that was meant to be sarcastic Guest

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Post by Valo »

I have never purchased anything in Barney's (food or weed) so I hope my vote for disliking the shop isn't too harsh.

But I have been inside the shop on two occasions and both times saw the place full to the brim of tourists - so this just isn't my cup of tea. And I can see the irony of being a tourist myself, but most people can see an obvious difference between a Grasshopper or Bulldog shop compared to Pink Floyd or Route 99.

Although I would never advise people against visiting this shop, as it is obviously popular to certain people - it just wont be on my list of places to visit come May.
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Post by moby69 »

was in the new barneys at the corner once,waited 45 mins to get served.
still didn't.had a verbal with a cheeky Irish (i think) bitch and left.
Overated crap.
oh ye was in the original one as well.Pink floyds far better.
Going back in 4 weeks for some umma gumma.
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Re: Barney's Breakfast Bar

Post by BlueBerry »

Lemming wrote:Once my favourite coffeeshop but I think it's got a bit commercialised these days. What do you think?

not one of my favourites

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Dam Virgin

Post by capecodguy »

Since Barneys was my very first visit to a coffeeshop in A dam I guess Im a little biased. However since flights from boston tend to arrive around 7am and not too many shops open this early, Barneys is a nice place to start with breaky and your first semilegal purchase of ganja. I remember entering barneys for the first time and liking the decor and atmosphere. Since it was around 730 am it was quiet and I had a decent breakfast, even tho it was pricey. As a first timer I bought a gram of morning glory and sweet tooth, both top finishers in the CC cup. Barneys is certainly not my top pick for hanging out coffeeshop but at 730 am a growling belly and a first timer, welll its just the thing for a jetlagged tourist on his/her first coffeeshop visit. :D
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Post by zunkii »

I used to love this shop, there is no doubt that the weed is first class. I just feel that the attitude of the staff is to fleece the customers. I was actually lookin at the menu on a web sight and was surprised to see that they do any strains for under 9 euros.
Having said that, Derry is always very friendly towards me and we have shaired a few beers and a chat (not at Barneys), on my last visit, he sold me some temple ball from his pocket, which was the best I have had for a while.

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Post by Boner »

I also used to like this shop but no longer, the Sweet-tooth was consistently one of the best buds I ever had but that went down hill at about the time they started charging way too much €'s for their goods, I'm sorry to say it but I shant go back to Barneys ever!
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Post by timbo »

Hey guys, theres always mixed reviews on this place nowadays and from the first time I went to Amsterdam I always wanted to go but three trips later I still havent been(still want to go). I was chatting to a guy in a pub a few months back and he thought the reason for the mixed reviews is because people go in the wrong one. Apparently the Barney's on the corner is the always the busy commercial one and the other barneys about two shops down the street (cant remember the exact layout) is the quieter more laid back place. He said he was in the shop in the street one morning sitting peacefully and then a big group came and were being quite loud, the staff in the shop then went over to them and said the barney's on the corner would be better for them. I just thought I'd post this as it was something interesting I heard, planning to go the quieter place end of May/early June as the one on the corner is always rammed no matter when i go past.
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Post by Lemming »

It was probably the 1980s when I first discovered Barney's. In those days it was very much like a British cafe. They served up a nice greasy vegetarian breakfast and the fact that you could smoke in there and that they sold weed was a bonus.

I guess it's a bit like when you get into some new band that nobody else has heard of, you kind of feel they belong to you. When that band has a hit and becomes famous they become less special to you.

Even when I started the website (1998) it was still my favourite coffeeshop. I don't know to what extent the site was responsible for making the shop too popular but it has certainly changed a lot since then.

The original Barney’s certainly didn’t have all the fancy names on the menu and the décor and furniture were pretty basic (the prices on the menu weren’t so fancy either). It is now much more of a connoisseur’s coffeeshop rather than a café where they also sold some reasonably priced, reasonable quality grass.

According to all of the usual criteria, it is now a better coffeeshop than it ever was. It’s just not as special and unique as it once was.
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Post by mazdog »

i like how you put that, sounds very sincere and respectful.

Barneys is a must on my upcoming virgin trip, i'm pretty confident it won't dissapoint.
juicy fruit
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Post by juicy fruit »

My friends and i frequent amsterdam at least three times a year and have done so for the past five years,Barney's' is an excellent place to go if you can get your arse up in the morning. It is nice to be able to eat your breakfast and have a smoke( and a go on the vapouriser is a must!) they also serve the best english brew in amsterdam and it's in a mug!
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Post by incp »

I also frequently hit Barney's for breakfast as soon after my plane lands, around 7:30 am. Not crowded at that time, and very relaxing. The tall English (?) budtender (don't know his name) can be a bit moody, but is a very decent guy most of the time. I like the sweet tooth, but was quite disappointed by the CC winning Amnesia Haze (shaken too much?). I much prefer Poison from Picasso.
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Post by Raven »

Not my favourite shop by any means. Was very crowded when I went (not that I hold this against any coffeshop as it obviously means they are popular). But I can't see how they are always so busy when I thought the service although wasn't rude, could have been a lot friendlier; the food is expensive for what you get (especially with many other cheaper and more appetising establishments in the same area); and as others in this post have stated, the weed was very mediocre and usually some fancy sttractive name made up to sell some bog standard weed.
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