Tootie Hiles has started a petition calling for legalisation

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Tootie Hiles has started a petition calling for legalisation

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" ... m/2452857/ - 14th Nov 2014 6:00 AM - Kerri Moore

Our Tootie takes on PM in cannabis debate

FIGHTER: Former Warwick woman and cancer survivor Tootie Hiles has started a petition calling for the legalisation of medical marijuana.

WHEN Tootie Hiles was diagnosed with brain cancer seven years ago, she put up one hell of a fight.

Told that merely speaking could become impossible, the passionate singer and songwriter defied the odds and came out on the other end while still belting out a tune.

But the fight is still not over.

After pulling through life-saving surgery, Tootie is now left to battle complications including memory and stability issues, epilepsy, constant headaches and pressure bleeds.

Traditional prescription medication offers little relief and now Tootie has called on the Prime Minister to help her and others battling terminal illnesses.

She has developed a petition to ask Mr Abbott to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes.

"If you have not been affected by someone you love being struck down with cancer, then I guess you don't know the battle," she said in her letter to Mr Abbott.

"I fight every day for my survival - to stay on top of this - and I am only 48 years old.

"I have had every treatment from chemotherapy to radium. I have been on that many synthetic drugs for pain relief and other ailments and none of them have made me comfortable in staying on top of this disease.

"I take tablets to help with the after effects of it all, and then I get side effects from all of those tablets, so it is a never-ending battle to still have no comfort from this."

Tootie told Mr Abbott she wanted sick people to be able to choose cannabis option as a part of their treatment plan.

"Of course I don't want the nation to be smoking pot or becoming drug addicts," she said.

"I want it legalised for terminally ill patients - or should I say at least let it be legalised so they can make the choice to try it."

"It's God's pharmacy Mr Abbott; all naturally grown and farmed as much as the vegetables and fruit you sit on your kitchen bench for morning tea.

"(There are) less synthetics in the cannabis oil than there are in the everyday average diet."

To see Tootie's letter to the Prime Minister and to sign her petition, visit and search "Tootie"."

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