Drug Searches: Thousands Falsely ID'd by Sniffer Dogs

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Re: Drug Searches: Thousands Falsely ID'd by Sniffer Dogs

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He said not only were the drug dogs ineffective, they could actually lead to people switching from cannabis to more risky drugs, and using drugs more dangerously.
This is the real problem and it is nation wide. They probably don't want to admit it, but there draconian drug laws and they persistence to attack their own citizen instead embrace others differences are leading to an epic problem. ICE. Real bad.

Lots of young guys have taken off to the mines to make the big money. Problem is, drug testing. People stop using cannabis because it stays in your system too long, and lots of them have switched to ICE. You can take ICE on Friday and Saturday and piss clean Monday morning or you can Party all week on it and still piss clean a day after you stop.

Problem is these young guys have mates back home, whom they party with and they shout them or they all get on it and it becomes the new "smoko" These local guys never get off it as they don't have drug tests and it is bad. Crazy's running around fucking everywhere.

Plus it is easier to hide, half ounce goes straight up the clacker. Like to see them trying to put half ounce of kosher kush up their arse and then smoke it. :mrgreen:

You could score an ounce of ice here at the moment easy then an ounce of weed.

I don't take drugs, I am Drugs.
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