What are Magic Mushrooms spore prints?

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What are Magic Mushrooms spore prints?

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If you've been exploring the fantastic world of magic mushrooms shops and products, maybe you've found a thing called “spore print”. Spore prints are like seeing a magic mushroom under x-rays, uh? They’re like a magic mushroom trading card. Quite interesting! But… for what purpose are used the magic spore prints? What’s their mission in this magic world? Let’s see!

What are magic spore prints?

A magic spore print is a collection of magic spores. They’re created by cutting the cap of a magic mushroom and letting it rest over a paper, aluminum foil or glass slide. It’s a relative easy process that let you collect the spores of the magic mushrooms and use them to grow new magic mushrooms or for research purpose. It’s like harvest the seeds of a fruit or plant to make more of them.

Magic spore prints are a typical product of magic mushrooms shops and stores like the magic spore syringes or the magic spore vials.

What to do with a spore print?

OK, you've bought some spore prints, the package arrives to your home, you open it and… Ta-daaa! You don’t have any idea about how to use or what to do with the magic spore prints. They’re pretty trading cards but… you want to grow some magic mushrooms!

Don’t worry, you’ll see it’s very easy.

First of all, make sure you’re working in a clean space. Magic mushroom spores are delicate and they need a clean and sterilised environment to prosper.

You’ll need a few things for these first steps:

— A new and clean syringe
— Water
— A shot glass
— A clean and sterilised knife

Let’s work! Cook the water till boiling point. Introduce some into the syringe and let it cool. Meanwhile, take your magic spore print and scratch some of the printed spores into the shot glass. Once the water is cool, introduce it into the shot glass. Mix the water with the spores and collect the water again with the syringe.

Now you have a homemade spore syringe, easy, uh? If you don’t know how to use a spore syringe, find here all the information you need.

Why to use a spore print?

Magic spore prints are products for a mid-high level of expertise. If this is the first time you’re buying some spores, maybe the print is a bad choice. You’ll need some experience and materials to make them work Remember that you can buy spores directly in syringes or vials, which are easier ways to make grow your magic mushrooms at home.

The advantage of spore prints are that you can get more spores for a lower price and that they’re very easy to transport (and to hide if you have a curious mamma).

Maybe you wanna learn to make your own prints…

If this is your case, this video will teach you to make your own magic spore prints. You’ll see its very easy to make.

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