London Mayor Cannabis reform candidate arrives.

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London Mayor Cannabis reform candidate arrives.

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Here is a lovely old chap I know who is running for London Mayor for the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol party (CISTA). Obv he wont get elected, but the main object is that he will get a voice during the campaign and will be in a position to put drug law reform up for wider debate. So far conspicuous by a deafening silence from other candidates on this issue.
I firmly believe we need to do this to keep our young people safe from the gangsters who currently thrive under prohibition, and to ensure a quality and place of supply that is safe for all.

He is quite serious and he has a good team and financial backing. So, if you cant bring yourselves to cast your vote for any of the other puppets dont waste it, give it to Lee.
This is a great article about him and the parties launch party. ... ndon-mayor


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