Mr Teddy BCN

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Mr Teddy BCN

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BCD Page: Mr. Teddy BCN

Hello does anyone know about this place? x
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Re: Mr Teddy BCN

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Yes I can help people being member there, good discount for ACD ;)

One of my friend "work" there ...
It's really friendly and welcoming, cosy inside, .. Made of 3 spaces : The lounge (dispensary and chairs + benches with pillows), the bar (a few stools and chairs) and the "privé" a 3 p sofa in a room with ps4. You can smokebox yourself in this room haha.

That's where I have seen the best deals on cali weed : biscotti, gelato 25, gushers : all under 20 ! Outdoor for some of them but good stuff !
Good local grown and good deals on some extracts from a well known extractor. Always a good choice for hash as well while the price are correct (max 12 or 15 for top stuff)
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