Bring “truffles” from Amsterdam by train?

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Bring “truffles” from Amsterdam by train?

Post by sanxez13 »

Hello, this Spring break I will go to Amsterdam for two days, and I was planning to buy truffles (not mushrooms) and bring them back to Germany. I will take the train, do you guys now if this is illegal? A fine or jail? Any recommendation?

Many thanks

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Re: Bring “truffles” from Amsterdam by train?

Post by Fat_old_dwarf »

You're from Germany, and you have to ask? Unlike the Netherlands, Germany doesn't distinguish between truffles and mushrooms, so it's illegal. You're probably unlikely to be caught, as long as you make sure you look like a pillar of the community rather than a blissed-out hippie coming back from a Mokum holiday, but the risk is always there.

I had a friend who was done for having mushrooms sent to her while living in Germany. In the UK an intercepted package usually means a letter inviting you to pick it up, and no further attempt to link you to it if you aren't an idiot and try to claim it. Germans, as you'd expect, take Rauschgift rather more seriously, so she was ordered to go to the police to have a chat about the matter. Though the official must have had a sense of humour -- he smiled broadly as she entered, and said, 'I see you enjoy eating mushrooms.' And there the story ends, because it really is a friend, you cynics, and I can't remember whether she ended up with a warning, a fine on the spot or a court case. I'm pretty sure she didn't go to prison, though. YMMV.
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Re: Bring “truffles” from Amsterdam by train?

Post by OneHighMofo »

Wise words from the resident dwarf.
Personally I'm struggling to understand why anyone would run the risk of smuggling a substance that grows in just about every unattended patch of cow poo?

Find a field.
Job done.
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Re: Bring “truffles” from Amsterdam by train?

Post by Papi »

I've always been dumbfounded by this, buy spores, plant them, get high on shrooms. Done.

Btw, if this guy is from Germany, don't be suprised he asks.

Sorted one of the german guys out with the memberships, during spannabis week, then met him with his GF at Spannabis and they asked me where they can get some weed on the SPannabis premises cause they didn't bring any with them. When i asked why, they responded that the pamphlet said that you can't smoke in the venue.
I was fucking speechless :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Edibles on a plane is my middle fucking name
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Re: Bring “truffles” from Amsterdam by train?

Post by AgripinaEmano »

Trip truffle is not against law in Amsterdam but neither are they entirely without risk - especially when used by ‘three-day tourists’ to Amsterdam. I hope it would be helpful to you.
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