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Re: Barcelona Club Directory

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seraphiel wrote: Sun 26th Jun 2022 01:37 pm Hi guys,

I recently moved to Barcelona and I am trying out alot of aso's in the city. I will share my experience on the ones I visited so far but I just wanted to say. This directory is great but it's I am missing alot of clubs in the map, is there any plan on adding a function to add onto the map? For example I went to Yellow Dream in sants this week which isn't there and a very good one in Poble Nou!
Yes, I'd love to hear about these clubs. Please send me the details and I'll happily add them. Ideally email the info to
Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: Barcelona Club Directory

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Hi, I just got back from a week in Barcelona for Spannabis 2023.

I was of 7 different clubs. One of my favourites places to frequent was a place called 'Burns' social club. Sort of new and opened up a few months ago. Had an excellent menu of quality Spanish flowers, Cali and Cali packs and some Spanish packs. Very good for bud
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