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New Capricorn (Heerlen)

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ACD Page: New Capricorn, Heerlen

I was in Heerlen last weekend and decide to take a look what happend to that place...

Its located in the centrum of Heerlen maybe three minutes away from the trainstation (by foot). The Shop itself is pretty nice decorated for a coffeeshop. They have for example a big capricorn statue and a aquarium in the ground. They also have one or two vaporizers and bongs to borrow. The shop has also two levels but the upper level is usually closed or reserved for "friends" of the shop... it seems like they have something to do with rockers... they also sell the "Devil" Energy Drink :roll:
They have a bouncer who check ids and so on... anyway they were pretty paranoid and sometimes they ask you multiple times to see your id card :?:

So all in all it sounds pretty good at first but in the past (and maybe also now) they had some strange "rules" from time to time. The last time I was there (maybe a year ago) it was only ok to buy but not to sit and smoke inside. Maybe it was because of the Wietpas but also before the Wietpas was introduced in Maastricht they act like that... but that would not be the problem if the quality is superb. Another "funny" thing is that you are not allowed to take a look/smell on the weed/hash before buying :shock: ok the super friendly girl who worked there told me it´s because of hygiene :lol: in my opinion thats a no go... I mean you want to see or better smell before you buy anything especially with all that bad weed around... I can´t remember any shop that act like that so please change that stupid rule!

I noticed a change in that shop last weekend. Everybody who worked there was super friendly and helpful... well they still don´t show their wares before buying :roll: but the girl who worked there gave me a short description of their hashes... well still not good but they try to make it better :D

The menu was like:

Weed: Nederwiet (5-6€/g), Flower Power, Devils Haze, Lemon Kush (15€/g) and one or two more...
Hash: Afghan, Nepal (12€/g), Himalaya (10€/g), Pakistan Pollen (10€/g), Hia (10€/g), Marrakesch (10€/g) and a few more cheaper moroccan ones...

I know that they had some really nice hash years before... one batch of their Pakistan Pollen was just awesome! also their Heavens Haze Ice O Lator (22€/g) was killer... but the next times I was there the quality wasn´t there :( but I think they are able to get some really good stuff if they want :lol: Their Weed was sometimes really bad! but I didn´t tried any now.

I went for their Pakistan Pollen (10€/g) which was explained as a darker moroccan oily hash... to be honest a strange feeling to buy something without seeing it before...
The hash itself is pretty dark nearly black with a nice smell... seems like mixed genetics (Gardella like). It was pretty similar to a batch of the Royal hash (12€/g) I had from Coffeeshop the Wall in Eindhoven a year back or so. Not so stony as I thought at first but still good enough for the night time. I was pretty surprised to get hash like that from a Coffeeshop in South Limburg... so all in all pretty nice but they have to examine their hash better before selling it... they forgot to take away some bits of the plastic foil and I was lucky that I saw it before... ok that can happen but examine your hash everytime before smoking or mixing into a joint.

Overall I was surpirsed to get hash like that from here but also the Shirra hash from Coffeeshop Quiam in Eygelshoven I tried on the same day was that dark mixed genetics stuff only stickier... but to be honest I saw so much bad stuff in that area of nl that I have a much better feeling when buying from well known coffeeshops... you don´t know exactly what is in it and sometimes the hash I got from Kerkrade, Heerlen and so on taste different than any hash I had from Amsterdam for example... well it smokes/burn clean but in the end you don´t know what is in it...

The New Capricorn has potential to be a real good shop but please let your customer look on the weed before buying :wink: and try to sell good clean quality (not like sometimes in the past)

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