How to grow cannabis outdoors in Australia

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How to grow cannabis outdoors in Australia

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How to Grow Weed Outdoors in Australia
and get massive yields!
It isn’t very hard or expensive to grow weed outdoors in Australia. You just need a bit of info on a few little things such as when to plant, what cannabis seeds/strains to grow with, soil and fertilisers to use and how often to water and feed your plants.

How to grow weed outdoors in Australia
Rest assured though, once you have these basics down, your plant will grow big and tall which we will cover here.

So without further ado, here are our big tips to help you grow cannabis outdoors in Australia.

Just to mention, you do not need to have a warm location to grow in, colder temperatures will also do. Cannabis can grow in temperatures of -4 C. Plenty of growers have had incredible results growing in these conditions so don’t be disheartened because its colder.

But, for marijuana to thrive, we need to give it what it needs. Sunny or warm areas would be more ideal than colder less sunny areas. In order to properly learn How to Grow Weed Outdoors in Australia, you need to take these things into account.

So how do we grow weed outdoors in Australia?
Having the right cannabis seeds from the start should be your first priority. If you want to have faster and bigger growing marijuana plants from the get go, then get a strain thats adapted to outdoor climates. You can source quality outdoor strains from a friend who has grown it before or look online.

Cannabis strains that are specifically bred to be grown outside grow faster and bigger. They also endure cold, mold, pest and diseases better than non outdoor strains.

Obviously you would need outdoor marijuana seeds for your grow in Australia as you can harvest your buds faster and get more yield for your time and money.

So when do I plant after I get some seeds?
Cannabis, like all plants have a life cycle. During spring to the first part of summer, it will grow to its biggest in terms of height. This is the vegetative phase.

You want to plant in spring as marijuana will grow taller and taller all the way through to summer.

Once summer passes, the plant will then enter the flowering phase (developing buds).

Some strains are ready for harvest in just 8 weeks from the start of the flowering phase while others will take 14 weeks to fully flower. The time it takes to fully mature depends on your specific strain type.

If you buy cannabis seeds online, the website you purchased from should have on the product page for the strain the length of its flowering phase.

Locate an area with lots of light
To get a decent yield at the end of your grow, you need at least 4 hours light. The more light your plant gets the more bud you will have to harvest. Ideally you want 6 – 8 hours of direct sunlight.

Search for a well hidden, easy to access location.
To grow weed outdoors in Australia, you need to find a spot thats close enough to home (to easily carry water, fertilisers etc) and far enough away to lessen the chance of someone finding your crop. During the summer you need to make sure to do more water trips to ensure your plants are well hydrated due to the heat so closer the better.

Plant in Pots
By planting cannabis in pots, not only does it help retain soil content, but it prevents other plants roots from tapping into your plants nutrients. Its also easier to move your plant around in case you suspect anyone knows about your grow.

Also don’t be hesitant to mix your plants with other plants to camouflage. Cannabis is a green plant that will easily blend with other green plants. Just position your plant in a way it receives plenty of light and camo from all angles.

If your up to it, a backyard garden or balcony/terrace would work. You can keep a close watch on your plants and tend to them as needed.

Germination Time
To germinate your seeds, either do the wet paper towel method or soak seeds in water.

Eventually the seeds will break open to reveal a white-ish green sprout. Once you see that its time to plant them into soil.

For best results, place your seeds into soil mix for cannabis seedlings at the start of spring. Try to germinate 2 or 3 times more seeds than you need as some will die or turn male. We will discuss male plants further down. In Australia spring time starts in September so germinate your seeds around then.

Quick Heads Up
A lot of growers will plant their seeds directly into soil outdoors only to be disappointed when their plant is not there. This could either be from cold, humidity, wild animals or snails eating the sprouts. Young marijuana plants at this stage are very vulnerable and thus should be kept inside for the first 3 to 4 weeks of its life. You can keep the young plants next to a window during this time, grow them under lights insider or place them somewhere else that gets a bit of light. To grow weed outdoors in Australia, your cannabis plants should be a decent size when you put them outside.

Once your plants reach a good enough size

Get them outside
After 3-4 weeks from germination, you may place your plants outdoors. Aim not to grow in places with temperatures lower than 0 C or 32 F otherwise plants will not grow as good.

Pots come in handy as you can move them around to where the warmer sun hits. Just make sure to have nice quality soil where you choose to plant. Whether its in pots or the ground make sure to have soil thats got a darkish colour and contains some fertilisers/manure. For good drainage add coco coir and perlite. You could even use coco coir as the main soil. I did this once mixing it with cow manure and I received a 3 ounce yield from one outdoor plant.

If your confused on what to do for soil, just go purchase quality potting mix for flowers from Bunnings. You can even use the vegetable potting mix they have.

To give your plants the best chance at growing outdoors, make sure to get well aerated, fluffy like soil with plenty of fertiliser in it. I recommend Bergmans Seedling Fertiliser to give your plants the best start.

Don’t compress the soil down as roots need to breath. Fluffy soil allows air to pass easier through to give roots oxygen. Adding perlite is another good trick you could do to improve airflow.

If you’re going to use plastic pots, drill some holes into the sides to improve air flow. Also look into using fabric pots as they allow airflow through the fabric. As a rule of thumb, the bigger your pot the bigger your plant.

Some growers prefer to plant directly into the ground so if you’re that way inclined, make sure to dig a big, deep hole and fill it with plenty of good soil or potting mix.

A hole 25 inch in diameter and depth is a decent size for the plants to grow in. Now just carefully plant your babies and water.

Make sure to get rid of any other plants that could possibly grow over your cannabis plants. You need to ensure your plants get the most light as possible so they grow big.

When you finish doing this

Watch your plants grow!
You don’t need to do much from here. The plants will do as nature does.

To get your plants to grow faster, make sure to put them in a spot with plenty of light. More light = faster grow time. This is something a lot of growers neglect. But to grow weed outdoors in Australia the right way, you need lots of light.

In terms of watering your cannabis plants, do it regularly but don’t overwater. Cannabis likes dry feet (dry roots) so only water when the soil looks completely dry. By lightly pressing on the soil with your fingers you will feel if it is cold. If it is, it still has plenty of water left in it.

A couple of weeks in (about 1 or 2 weeks after being planted outside), you can begin to use fertilisers for the vegetative phase as your soil will run out of nutrients.

Theres a massive selection of fertilisers out there but for outdoor grows in the vegetative phase, I recommend Bergmans Growtime. This fertiliser is perfectly formulated for any cannabis grow outdoors. It contains the right nutrient ratio for plants in the vegetative phase.

However if your a bit strapped on cash, many growers have had success using tomato fertilisers too. Other fertilisers will also work but make sure the fertiliser is for plants that fruit. Ideally, to grow weed outdoors in Australia, invest in quality fertiliser specifically for weed.

In terms of how much fertiliser to use and how often, read the instructions on the bottle/packet. Don’t overdo the fertiliser though. Too much can kill your pot plants. Watch out for yellowing or pale green leaves. These are signs of nutrient deficiencies so add more fertiliser when you see it.

Culling the Males
A sad moment when growing marijuana plants is the culling of males. Cannabis plants that are male don’t produce any buds but instead grow pollen sacks. You can still smoke the male plants but it will not effect you much due to low THC.

If you do not remove male plants, the pollen sacks will eventually open to pollinate your female cannabis plants. When this happens your buds will end up producing seeds. An outcome not many growers desire unless breeding.

How do you know if its male?
Theres no real way of knowing a male from female during the beginning vegetative phase. Some say that male plants grow taller faster but you don’t really know until the plant shows hairs or balls. Whitish hairs that cross are a sign its a female where as balls are a sign its male. Here’s a video on how to tell them apart.

When you identify a male, get rid of it. Don’t be upset, theres usually half male and half female ratio of cannabis plants in most peoples grow. This is to be expected. However if you grow with feminised marijuana seeds, it will guarantee the outcome is female.

Once you cull out all the males and have only females remaining, continue watering, fertilising etc for another 8 to 16 weeks. Its a good idea to switch to a fertiliser thats specifically for the flowering (budding) phase. Checkout another couple of Bergman’s line called Flower Time and Plant Booster. With these two additives, your plant will grow intensely huge and provide copious amounts of bud for harvest.

At about 2 weeks before harvest, stop fertilising and only water to flush your plants and give them a better taste.

How do you know when to harvest?
You will notice your buds will grow large. The resin becomes brown and darkish. Leaves will turn yellow and die off. If you notice any of this occurring, your plants are ready for harvest.

These signs will show at about 3 to 5 months in from when you planted outdoors. Note some buds will be larger than others so don’t be disappointed when you see this.

If you have purchased cannabis seeds from online, the product page you bought your seed from will tell you exactly how long your strain takes to fully flower. Thats one of the benefits from buying seeds online.

Towards the end of your grow, when your buds are looking good, check inside your bud for mold. You can do this by ripping the bud in half. Mold is of a dark, greyish colour. You don’t want any mold on your grow so dispose of buds affected as soon as you see it.

How much can you yield outdoors?
If you properly read this article on how to grow weed outdoors in Australia, you can expect to get 2 to 4 ounces per outdoor plant. Just make sure you have an outdoor strain and find a spot that provides lots of light. Don’t skip out on good soil, water or fertilisers either. Your plants will die without it. Water and nutrients deplete over time so keep it up to maximise your grow. ... australia/

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