Which season is the best?

Planning a trip to the Netherlands? Post the details here.
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Onur Calderon
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Which season is the best?

Post by Onur Calderon »

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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by DjShaggy »

Winter if you like rain, summer if you don’t. There’s some pretty colourful flowers in spring and autum is basically winter
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by Willjay »

It’s much cheaper in March compared to April but April 20th is the best time to be a tourist in the Netherlands :D :mrgreen: :lol:
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by macky »

I find best time is when there’s ACDers in town always good laugh and lots of smoke outs :mrgreen:
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by hulldj »

There is no bad season if you are heading to Amsterdam :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Up until getting married I would venture across generally 2 or 3 times a year. After marriage it was reduced to 1 or 2 times a year (unless the wife was coming with me)

Mid to late January due to being my birthday celebration week. Generally this is a solo trip as a gift from wifey for my birthday. Yes, I've said it before. She is awesome. This was a kind of wind down after a busy and stressful christmas solo trip for me before we met.

420 is a time when I manage a few years on and a few years off. Sometimes with the boys, sometimes with wifey and sometimes solo. 420 is a fun time to catch up with forum members.

October/November Up until getting married this was the time I would go with the boys, I think we did 6 years straight, this would have been nearly 20 years ago, maybe 18. This is the trip we no longer plan for.

I've been when it rained, had gales that blew you away, beautiful sunshine and crisp white snow.

There have been times when one would expect one type of weather and been totally thrown because it was the opposite. Rain when it should have been summer and sun when it should have rained.

What I'm trying to say is that every time has been special, stories can be told years later about how we managed to walk from the station to Leidesplein in the pouring rain. We were dressed for summer and completely soaked through. It was an experience and there is nothing better than sitting down to a nice hot drink and a choice of smoke to rid the stresses of outside.

Or sitting in on a smoke session with 7 other people, getting nicely completely messed up and having a flight to catch at 5 pm. The smoke session finished at 2.30. Just as the last 6ft bag of vape was being passed around it started snowing. The biggest snowflakes I had seen since childhood. Good times. I made it to my flight.... just.

Thinking we had got on the wrong train to Rotterdam Central. The connection from the station was at 5pm for the ferry back to the UK. We had 6 minutes to spare before the bus left...

The train doors closing one year on wifey as we were heading back to Central Station from Rotterdam. We had to switch trains and I got on not realising she was not directly behind me. Doors closed and she was left on the platform.

One year on the Smoke boat, half a punnet of truffles each probably was not the best idea when you are supposed to be social. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Good memories, good stories to tell.

Whatever season you go, you will want to go back again soon.
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by matty223 »

Well said
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by Ghost »

Got to agree with everything that @hulldj has said about the weather conditions and the stories and laughs you will have. Any time of the year is a good time to visit the city. I mix it up a bit now and go at different times, mostly depending on pricing and funds.

I like the Autumn the best as the leaves are changing color and it can have that crisp feeling in the evening when strolling around town. I also like spring as the flowers are coming in to bloom and everything is starting to come alive which makes for good photo opportunities.

No matter when you go you will have a great time :D :mrgreen:
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by miladluuk »

I liked traveling in winters, I think winter is the best season for traveling, I was also planning to winter trip with my friends before Christmas even i completed my trip shopping through Christmas shopping deals, but because of Pandemic situation I delay my plan, and I will go now after Christmas.
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by Flemish »

I only go between November and March. There’s less people, and the Dam in the snow is the ultimate orgasm. Long underwear makes winter easy in the Dam, and it’s ecstasy sitting outside a coffeeshop on a canal while it’s snowing, especially Bagheera. And the light festival goes from Nov to Jan. Also, Glow, in Eindhoven is on. If you’re lucky, and I’ve only been lucky twice in 27 years of going to the Dam at least yearly, you can skate the canals.
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by smokseyj »

In my experience, nothing quite compares to Amsterdam in the Winter/Xmas time (along as you're wrapped up warm), it looks absolutely stunning, especially in the snow.

I've been during other times of the year also, and to be honest, aslong as its not raining loads, its much the same.

Having said that - I managed to get a trip in in June just bore the lockdown. It was 30C+ every day and it was glorious. Being able to walk around coffeeshop to coffeeshop in shorts was a nice vibe. Having to put on sunscreen in 'Dam was a first lol.
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by Flemish »

Winter! Check the webcams. AND less people! AND darker earlier, so the lights are on.
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by Comus »

to be fair, Spui square with the old art nouveau lamps glowing outside Athenaeum Boekhandel when it's snowing is a bit special.
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by Daz1976 »

Just reading this post and all the replies has put the biggest smile on my face 😃😎. There really is no bad time to go, and on my last 5 visits I've had every kind of weather but each time has been magical in its own way ✌️😎 Can't wait to get back ....
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Re: Which season is the best?

Post by Jeremy Bundio »

I prefer ... winter :) it is so melancholic and thought-provoking...
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