Hello fellow Blazer's 😉

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Hello fellow Blazer's 😉

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Hello all,
I am new to ACD and new to Amsterdam in general. Well not really Amsterdam but I am a new student in Delft. This Page was personally recommended by my friend to find all the good coffeshop's and best strains nearby :lol:
I am an avid Sativa lover and would like to get information good strains that would be available for good prices. Considering I am on a student budget would anyone recommend good coffeshop's where I could get deals on 5g/10g bags of quality strains 8)

Also would be nice if it's around Delft, Den Haag or Rotterdam which are the closest big cities that I can ride my cycle too. Amsterdam would also work 60kms on a cycle for a great deal wouldn't mind at all

Thanks for Welcoming me into the community :D

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