Moon Bow

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Moon Bow

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ACD Page: Moon Bow

About Moon Bow from Het Ballonnetje:
Nuggz wrote: Sun 27th Mar 2022 06:04 pm Went with the Moonbow because the Zkittlez genetics really stood out on the nose and it feels a bit more exotic than the more gelato/Purple Punch/cookies dominant crosses that seem to dominate the cali genetics profile, at least as far as flower offerings are concerned.

Anyway nice spicy fruity zesty Zkittlez forward nose with some damp earthy gas and cream on the back end.

Taste sadly doesn't transfer as well as I'd hope, the Z hits lightly upfront but fades it to something frankly a bit less desirable.

The potency is certainly notable and the buzz there from distinctly pleasant.

Perhaps need to vape a bit more or consider (gasp) combusting to give a more informed opinion.

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