Kintsugi Cannabis Club, Barcelona

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Kintsugi Cannabis Club, Barcelona

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Hi guys!

This is the second on in my chain of reviews. Once again all my reviews are written from the perspective of someone who just moved into BCN. I rate the clubs based on pricing, quality and knowledge on product. I am mostly into weed, I did start with hash around this year but take that opinion with a grain of salt.

I moved to sant marti a while back because I was getting tired of a residential area of Sants. Big bonus you are near the beach and parks if you want to take a nice walk while smoking. ... tsugi.html
This club is a 20 euro lifetime membership fee. To become a member just message them on their instagram page or through google maps.

Kintsugi Cannabis Club is once again owned by a dutch owner (but they are a couple). Clearly an owner that knows his shit, even though he does not smoke himself. Had a lot of conversations with the guy, brought up science papers on the methods on smoking weed, testing weed and even had a very throughout process on how they test their own cannabis. They don't sell their weed based on traditional/incorrect sativa and indica method but they sell them based on the terpines profile and give a very well explanation on what you can expect. It is a fun experience, like entering a weed sommelier. Without a doubt the only place in this town I visited that isn't a bit full of themselves. No "white ashe so our weed is the best club" nonsense. alot of that bull in Barcelona. Clearly doing well for how new they are.

That has turned into my go-to club since I moved as they do have a nice range of flowers to choose from. All for very fair prices! I got some Zushi here at 15 that blew my mind, some very exotic flowers like Gavlyn if that is up your taste. On any time they have around 15-20 types of flowers for you to choose from. They change it up quite regularly since I have been a member.

They are actually more famous with the locals for their extractions and hash. I haven't tried the extracts but the hash is very solid. La mousse for 8 is one I recommend or Orange Tangie.

Honestly only negative I have on the place is that it's not a big club. So you won't really want to stay there to long. Not a big issue for me because, it's spain why would you. But if that is important to you... yeah not your cup of tea.

All in all 8/10, a good smoke for a very good price. Especially compared to other clubs in the location... it's without the doubt the best weed/hash you will find nearby. Lacks entertainment but the owners and employees make up for it. Very nice vibe in terms of people, and very good location.
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