Ciao guys. A salut from Brazil/Italy

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Ciao guys. A salut from Brazil/Italy

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I’m planning to move myself and live in Amsterdam from February of 2023.

My name is Murillo and I’m a ítalo-Brazilian guy looking to make new connections and learn more about the cannabis industry.

In 2020 I had opportunity to work in a cbd farm in Ticino, Switzerland, and in 2022 worked in a CBD dispensary in Milan.

The CBD market is a completely different one compared with the recreational one that you have in Amsterdam. So I’m also looking for opportunities to have this type of experience.

I found online informations about the Cannabis College that you have there, but I would like to know from you other places or people that can minister this type of course?

This forum is a real complete guide for new people that are looking to know more about the Coffeeshops in Amsterdam, I really appreciated the work you doing here.

That’s it guys, many thanks and I’ll be waiting for some answers.

@thehuntercannabis on Instagram.

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